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Our Team

Our experienced banking consultants provide revenue and performance enhancing results for your financial institution.

Executive Leadership

Elizabeth Duerk

Elizabeth Duerk

Vice President of Human Resources

A strategic and innovative human resources executive, Elizabeth Duerk specializes in helping businesses turn vision into profitability. View profile

Kelly Dwyer - Headshot-36

Kelly Dwyer

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

He provides financial leadership to our organization through his strong analytical skills and a proactive, forward-thinking approachView profile


Kevin Eskew

Chief Transformation Officer

Kevin Eskew brings to Cornerstone Advisors a long history of success in financial leadership, business improvement, and corporate integration at View profile


Andrea Lipo

Chief Information Officer

Andrea Lipo leads operations and information technology at Cornerstone Advisors and directs the firm’s internal process improvement, program management, strategyView profile

Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice

Vice President of Business Development

Jeff Rice has devoted more than two decades to helping community financial institutions develop and execute competitive business strategies View profile

Lori Siragusa

Lori Siragusa

Vice President of Marketing

Lori Siragusa is a hands-on, strategic-minded professional who brings to Cornerstone Advisors more than 25 years of extensive experience in marketing, public relations, and management. View profile


Scott Sommer

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

One of the founding partners of Cornerstone Advisors, Scott Sommer brings leadership and distinctiveness to Cornerstone's consulting practice. He hasView profile


Steve Williams

President and Partner

As a co-founder of Cornerstone Advisors, Steve Williams serves as President and Partner with Cornerstone where he leads firm growth View profile



Anne Arvia FINAL

Anne Arvia


Anne Arvia is a strategic financial services leader experienced as a CEO, CFO and a public company board member and audit committee chair View profile

Burson FINAL

Jim Burson


Jim Burson brings to his role as partner at Cornerstone Advisors a deep knowledge of the financial services industry as well as a wide range of executive management and business View profile

Al Dominick-3

Al Dominick


Al Dominick is a dynamic and influential financial services and fintech industry executive, recognized for his creativity, growth mindset and thought leadership. With a track record of View profile

Ryan Rackley | Cornerstone Advisors

Ryan Rackley


Ryan Rackley leads a team of highly specialized technology contract negotiation consultants in the firm’s Contract Negotiation, M&A, and View profile

Terence Roche

Terence Roche


A co-founder of Cornerstone Advisors, Terence Roche brings 40 years of experience in bank operations and consulting. He has directly managedView profile


Brad Smith


Brad Smith has spent nearly three decades helping community and regional financial institutions achieve their business goals by integrating strategy View profile


Quintin Sykes


Quintin Sykes leads Cornerstone's merger and acquisition (M&A) and enterprise program delivery efforts and has over 35 years of technology and operations experience in financial services companies. View profile

Eric-Weikart-MSP3098 square

Eric Weikart


As leader of Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy and Execution Solutions Group, Eric Weikart shows banks and credit unions how to use data and best practices to maximize their performance, operating efficiency, and technology utilization. View profile

Jim Wilkson UPDATED

Jim Wilkson


Jim Wilkson brings to Cornerstone Advisors four decades’ worth of banking industry expertise specializing in helping community financial institutions make smart, lasting decisions about their technology environment and service providers View profile


Managing Directors

Sandeep Balan FINAL

Sandeep Balan

Managing Director

Sandeep Balan brings more than two decades of leadership expertise in banking, fintech and digital technology delivery to Cornerstone Advisors. View profile

Niel Devasir | Cornerstone Advisors

Niel Devasir

Managing Director

Niel Devasir brings more than 20 years of financial services executive leadership experience to his role as managing director in Cornerstone Advisors’ View profile

Brandi Gregory | Cornerstone Advisors

Brandi Gregory

Managing Director

Brandi Gregory has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry with an emphasis on relationship management, payments, and contract negotiationsView profile


Vincent Hui

Managing Director

Vincent Hui brings to Cornerstone Advisors nearly 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, where he has servedView profile

Sam Kilmer

Sam Kilmer

Managing Director

Sam Kilmer leads Cornerstone Advisors’ fintech advisory practice working with industry providers, fintechs and investors. He also leads selective strategyView profile


Ron Shevlin

Managing Director / Chief Research Officer

Ron Shevlin has been a management consultant for more than 25 years, working with leading financial services, consumer products, retailView profile


Clio Silman

Managing Director

Clio Silman puts her expertise in M&A and systems and process integration to work in her role as an Implementation Practice leader at Cornerstone Advisors.View profile


Steve Wildman

Managing Director

As a Managing Director in Cornerstone Advisors’ Technology Solutions practice, Steve Wildman is responsible for all core evaluation and transformation initiatives.​View profile

Mary Eyre

Mary Eyre

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) at Cornerstone, Mary Eyre leads a strategic team, drives business expansion, fosters client relationships, and innovates our service offerings to align with market demands.​View profile


Senior Directors

Bob Barmak

Bob Barmak

Senior Director

Bob Barmak is a business strategy, technology, and operations expert who brings to Cornerstone Advisors’ Technology Services practice a long history View profile


Onker Basu

Senior Director

Onker Basu is a senior leader with over 25 years of banking and consulting experience. He has been consistently recognizedView profile

Ryan Brogan

Ryan Brogan

Senior Director

Ryan Brogan specializes in performance improvement and benchmarking at Cornerstone Advisors with a key focus in contact centers and lending View profile


James Davis

Senior Director

James Davis brings over 15 years of industry experience in payments, contract negotiations, and card processor conversion supportView profile

tony-desanctis-square - smaller size 461x461

Tony DeSanctis

Senior Director

Tony DeSanctis brings more than 20 years of financial services experience to Cornerstone Advisors. As co-lead of the firm’s PaymentsView profile


Wendy Dowling

Senior Director

Wendy Dowling specializes in conversions and implementations for core processing, digital banking, and payment processing systems View profile


Scott Hodgins

Senior Director

As senior director for Cornerstone Advisors, Scott Hodgins is actively involved with the firm’s benchmarking, strategic planning, technology and system View profile

Daryl Jones

Daryl Jones

Senior Director

Daryl Jones puts his strong performance and process improvement background to work at Cornerstone, where he manages the Mortgage Lending View profile


Lori Kerrs

Senior Director

In her role as senior director, Lori specializes in core conversions and implementations for banks and credit unions View profile

Nick Lane

Nick Lane

Senior Director

Nick Lane is a senior director in Cornerstone Advisors’ Contract Negotiations practice, where his primary focus is helping financial institutionsView profile

Brad Mason UPDATED

Brad Mason

Senior Director

Brad Mason expertly negotiates the complex strategic relationships between financial institutions and financial technology providers. View profile

John Meyer Headshot

John Meyer

Senior Director

As a senior director with Cornerstone Advisors, John Meyer leads the firm’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics practice. In thisView profile

Chris-Miller_Headshot_600x600 (1)

Chris Miller

Senior Director

Chris Miller is a digital innovation executive skilled in the art of translating data-driven insights into actionable strategies that driveView profile


Kourtney Piepenburg

Senior Director

Kourtney Piepenburg is a senior director in Cornerstone Advisors' Contract Negotiations practice. Her primary focus and passion are to help financial institutions figure out the View profile


Joel Pruis

Senior Director

In the commercial and small business segments, Joel Pruis brings more than 25 years of experience delivering fundamental change inView profile

Mike Rempel UPDATED

Mike Rempel

Senior Director

As a senior director in Cornerstone Advisors’ CPV practice, Mike Rempel specializes in CPV practiv and works on aView profile

Debbie Robins

Debbie Robins

Senior Director

Debbie Robins is a seasoned change management and financial services executive highly skilled at leading complex global business environments. View profile


Steven Simpson

Senior Director

Steven Simpson is an expert in helping banks and credit unions use advanced analytics to mitigate risk, manage profit, and drive loan growthView profile


Amanda Swanson

Senior Director

As a senior director in the Delivery Channels practice at Cornerstone Advisors, Amanda Swanson is focused on delivery channel strategy and planning, marketing strategy and View profile



Stacey Bryan FINAL

Stacey Bryant

Director of Business Development

Stacey Bryant brings nearly 20 years of fintech and financial services expertise spanning operations, retail banking, marketing and business development to Cornerstone AdvisorsView profile

Jodi Clark

Jodi Clark


Jodi Clark brings 25 years of hands-on operational and risk management experience in the financial software and services industries to all her engagementsView profile

Terrie Cloud - Headshot-34

Terrie Cloud


Terrie Cloud has been helping banks, credit unions, and fintech firms maximize their technology and operations investment dollarsView profile

Jearil Crawford - UPDATED

Jearil Crawford


Jearil Crawford is an accomplished financial services executive who brings more than 20 years of leadership experience to his role as director in Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy and Execution practice. View profile

josh davis 600px

Josh Davis


Josh Davis has been providing banks and credit unions with digital expertise across strategy, operations, and technology channels for more than two decades.View profile

Heidi Dearman

Heidi Dearman


Heidi Dearman has been a technology leader in the banking industry for more than a decade. Backed by a passion for helping financial institutions deliver best-in-class customer service, View profile


Chris Fleischer


Chris Fleischer brings strategic market research, client analytics, competitive intelligence, and customer service expertise to Cornerstone Advisors View profile


Elizabeth Flynn-Rand


Elizabeth Flynn-Rand brings more than 30 years of bank and credit union management and consulting experience to Cornerstone Advisors View profile

Margaret Glick - Square 300x300

Margaret Glick


Margaret Glick is a director in Cornerstone Advisors’ Technology Solutions group, where she applies her 30-plus years of banking experienceView profile

Tristan Green | Cornerstone Advisors

Tristan Green


Tristan Green brings many years of business development, strategy and data analytics to Cornerstone Advisors. As a director for Cornerstone’sView profile


Glenn Grossman

Director of Research

Glenn Grossman produces analytical studies aimed at delivering insights for innovation, growth, and sustainable competitive advantage for financial institutions and fintech firmsView profile

Mallory Hanson UPDATED

Mallory Hanson


Mallory Hanson brings deep expertise in financial services and fintech consulting, client relations and vendor performance management to Cornerstone Advisors View profile


Jim Hartman


Jim Hartman delivers strong hands-on operational, lending, and risk management experience to Cornerstone Advisors’ Technology Solutions practiceView profile


Tom Hill


An experienced operations leader, Tom Hill is dedicated to applying continuous improvement principles in banking. As a director in CornerstoneView profile

Elizabeth Hollis

Elizabeth Hollis


An expert in performance and process improvement, Elizabeth helps clients apply best-in-class processes to their performance evaluation and system selection projects View profile

Lindsay Hooks_Headshot__600x600

Lindsay Hooks


Lindsay Hooks is a director in the Payments and Contract Negotiations practice at Cornerstone Advisors. A Cornerstone Payments School facilitator, she View profile

Abbie Jones - Headshot

Abbie Jones


Backed by more than a decade of leadership experience as a marketer and digital strategist, Abbie Jones is uniquely qualified to help Cornerstone Advisors clients develop and implement data-based revenue strategies aimed at increasing profits and enhancing customer experience.View profile

Patricia Mack

Patricia Mack


Patricia Mack began her career in banking as a computer programmer, working primarily on various FIS core productsView profile

Heidi Madden - Headshot

Heidi Madden


Heidi Madden brings more than 40 years in the financial software and services industries to her role as a director in Cornerstone AdvisorsView profile

Jayme - Headshot

Jayme Madden


Jayme Madden brings to the Technology Solutions practice at Cornerstone Advisors broad expertise in system implementations and payment processing. View profile

Thomas Milillo UPDATED

Thomas Milillo


Thomas helps clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability through peer comparison, analysis and assessmentView profile

Jerry Millin FINAL

Jerry Millin


Jerry Millin is a senior technology leader specializing in digital business transformation strategy in the financial services and insurance industries. View profile

Joe Grammer

Joseph Grammer


Joseph Grammer puts more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industryView profile

Evany Perkins - Headshot-1

Evany Perkins


Evany Perkins has spent more than 26 years in the credit union industry, where her primary focus has been on the member/client experience and management of cross-functional teamsView profile


Cindi Perno


Cindi Perno brings to Cornerstone Advisors’ CU Advisory practice more than 30 years of experience leading technology initiatives for financial institutionsView profile

Jessica Pinkston

Jessica Pinkston


Jessica Pinkston is a director in the Delivery Channels practice at Cornerstone Advisors, where the firm’s clients benefit from her View profile

Jennifer Schueneman - Headshot

Jennifer Schueneman


Jennifer Schueneman brings over 25 years of banking, information technology and management experience to Cornerstone AdvisorsView profile

Chris Sims FINAL

Chris Sims


Chris Sims is a financial services leader dedicated to enhancing the performance and bottom line of mid-size banks and credit unions View profile


Jennifer Wagner


As client relationship director, Jennifer Wagner consistently strives to provide Cornerstone Advisors clients with top-notch customer service and satisfaction View profile


Michael Watkins


As a director, Mike brings deep information technology expertise and shows bank and credit union executives how to realize savings by consolidating and/or merging new technology View profile

Mike Wilson square

Mike Wilson


Mike Wilson brings to Cornerstone Advisors a rich history in financial services credit and riskView profile


Senior Consultants 

MicrosoftTeams-image (7)-1

Linda Barker

Senior Consultant

Linda Barker takes pride in developing successful solutions that support business growth. View profile


Adam Boyle

Senior Consultant

Adam Boyle brings 15 years of bank management experience to Cornerstone Advisors. As a consultant in the firm’s Technology SolutionsView profile

Justin Colella | Cornerstone Advisors

Justin Colella

Senior Consultant

After successfully completing Cornerstone Advisors’ internship program, Justin Colella was invited to put his proven aptitude for efficiency, process improvement,View profile


Dayna Davies

Senior Consultant

Dayna Davies brings to Cornerstone Advisors in-depth project management and consulting experience inthe banking and finance industries.View profile


Chris Dell

Senior Consultant

Chris Dell specializes in helping financial institutions use strategically crafted measurement to drive improved efficiency, performance, and revenueView profile

Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans

Senior Consultant

Lisa Evans brings more than 15 years of financial services industry experience to her role as a senior consultant in Cornerstone Advisors’ CU Advisory practiceView profile


Galen Everett

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant in Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy & Execution group, Galen advises clients on a wide array of topics including performance optimization View profile

Krystle Frye - Headshot

Krystle Frye

Senior Consultant

Krystle Frye brings to Cornerstone Advisors a rich history of project planning and execution experience in the financial services industry View profile

Theresa Geraci

Theresa Geraci

Senior Consultant

Theresa Geraci draws on her extensive background in project management and communications, as well as her acute finance and banking acumenView profile


Elizabeth Gujral

Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant at Cornerstone Advisors, Elizabeth Gujral focuses on the development of quantitative and qualitative analyses that ultimately helpView profile

Stefani Kerr_Headshot_600x600

Stefani Kerr

Senior Consultant

Stefani Kerr has worked in project management and systems integration in the financial services and non-profit industries for more than 15 yearsView profile

Bob Lucchetti - Headshot

Bob Lucchetti

Senior Consultant

A bank professional with nearly three decades of experience in item and data processing, bank operations, vendor selection, contract negotiation, and IT solutions, Bob Lucchetti brings a broad range of skills to Cornerstone AdvisorsView profile

Josie Porterfield FINAL-01

Josie Porterfield

Senior Consultant

Josie Porterfield brings to Cornerstone Advisors more than 40 years of leadership experience in community bank operations and loan administration and servicingView profile

Debbie Rogers HEADSHOT

Debbie Rogers

Senior Consultant

Debbie Rogers has more than 30 years of leadership experience in the financial services industry. View profile

Kevin Von Holten - Headshot-1

Kevin Von Holten

Senior Consultant

With nearly a decade of experience spanning multiple industries, Kevin Von Holten is a strategic, analytical professionalView profile



Evan Arnold UPDATED

Evan Arnold


Evan Arnold combines expertise in data analysis with an in-depth understanding of the financial services industry to deliver prescriptive and practical recommendations to Cornerstone Advisors’ clients striving to transform their businessesView profile

Andrea Costello UPDATED

Andrea Costello


Andrea Costello brings sales, supply chain, and marketing customer service and project management experience to Cornerstone Advisors, where she provides analytical research, financial modeling, and project support to the firm’s Strategy & Execution practiceView profile

Ryan Ceglarek

Ryan Ceglarek


Ryan Ceglarek has a strong background in building successful long-term relationships with clients across diverse industriesView profile

Correll Davis headshot 600x600 - 300 DPI

Correll Davis


Correll Davis brings to Cornerstone Advisors thorough knowledge of the mortgage loan indust View profile

Darren Gleason 600x600 1

Darren Gleason


Darren M. Gleason is a results-driven professional with a diverse background in business and cross-cultural experiences View profile

Tymothy Johnson_Headshot__600x600

Tymothy Johnson


With an aptitude for efficiency and cost minimization, Ty works within the Contract Negotiations and Payments group to help clients improve their pricing and vendor relationships View profile

Audrey Millhouse UPDATED

Audrey Millhouse


Audrey Millhouse brings data analytics, economics and management experience to Cornerstone Advisors, where she delivers research, financial modeling and project management support to the firm’s Technology Solutions and Core Transformation practicesView profile

Kellie Mooney - Headshot

Kellie Mooney


An expert in enterprise banking solutions, Kellie Mooney has more than two decades of experience serving as a trusted advisor to prominent financial institutions and fintech organizationsView profile

Emily Osburn FINAL

Emily Osburn


Emily Osburn brings project management, marketing/public relations, and client services experience to Cornerstone Advisors, where she provides analytical research, financial modeling, and project support to the firm’s Payments Solutions practiceView profile

Hallie Philips UPDATED

Hallie Phillips


Hallie Phillips brings marketing, research, project management and benchmarking experience to Cornerstone Advisors View profile

Cameron Priske-01

Cameron Priske


Cameron Priske brings to the Technology Practice at Cornerstone Advisors senior level expertise in process improvement, project management, and technology management. View profile

Kristina Schmid upload

Kristina Schmid


Kristina Schmid has a rich history of leadership in the financial services industry, with specialization in software implementations, system conversions, and SaaS fintech solutions.View profile

Nick Sutton UPDATED 8.16.23 (2)

Nicholas Sutton


Nick Sutton brings an analytical mindset, technical acumen, and a commitment to driving efficiency and innovation to Cornerstone Advisors View profile

Cheryl Wetters | Cornerstone Advisors

Cheryl Wetters


Cheryl Wetters brings a rich history in banking to her role as a consultant in Cornerstone Advisors’ Technology Solutions practice area. Cheryl has expertly managed numerousView profile

Alex Valentine UPDATED

Alex Valentine


Alex Valentine uses his analytical and process improvement skills to steer financial institutions toward operational efficiency and growth.View profile

Steven Yang website pic

Steven Yang


Steven Yang is a seasoned banker and financial analyst with expertise in retail banking as well as capital and secondary mortgage markets. View profile


Project Administration


Christy Callebaut

Business Analyst

As a business analyst for Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy and Execution group, Christy Callebaut supports a wide array of client engagements, with a primaryView profile


Kim Frances

Project Administrator

As a project administrator in the Lending and Operations practice at Cornerstone Advisors, Kim Frances specializes in administration and projectView profile

Gina Gettings

Gina Gettings

Managing Editor/Technical Writer

Calling on over 20 combined years in banking and editing/English composition, Gina Gettings brings a wealth of industry knowledge to her technical writer/managing editor role with the Cornerstone Advisors’ teamView profile

Kimber McGray_Headshot_300x300

Kimber McGray

Project Administrator

Kimber McGray has more than decade of experience in sales, customer service, and marketing across a variety of industries, including banking and insuranceView profile

Eden Minnis - Headshot

Eden Minnis

Project Administrator

Eden Minnis brings to Cornerstone Advisors a decade of banking industry experience spanning operations, sales, customer service, and business managementView profile


Bernita Stephans, PMP

Program Manager

Bernita Stephans brings a rich history of data analysis and project coordination to Cornerstone Advisors’ Contract Negotiation practice, where sheView profile

Kera Weishaar UPDATED

Kera Weishaar

Project Coordinator

Kera Weishaar brings a wealth of project management experience to her role as project coordinator in Cornerstone Advisors’ Technology Transformation practice, View profile


Partners Emeritus


Carl Faulkner

Founding Partner Emeritus

Cornerstone Advisors has Carl Faulkner to thank for the nationally recognized reputation of its technology planning. Prior to founding Cornerstone, View profile


Bob Roth

Partner Emeritus

Bob Roth brings to Cornerstone Advisors more than 30 years of experience managing and directing all aspects of information technology View profile


Mike Armbruster

Associate Consultant

Mike Armbruster specializes in contract negotiations, technology, implementations and conversions at Cornerstone AdvisorsView profile

Darlene Brown - Headshot

Darlene Brown

Associate Consultant

Darlene Brown is an accomplished CPA and Certified Risk Manager with more than 30 years of experience working with credit unions and financial institutions. View profile


Brian Hagan

Associate Consultant

Brian Hagan brings to Cornerstone Advisors more than 25 years of experience as a senior financial executive responsible for improvingView profile

Donnie Kilgore - Headshot

Donnie Kilgore

Associate Consultant

Donnie Kilgore brings a wealth of management consulting and lending expertise in the banking industry to Cornerstone AdvisorsView profile

MicrosoftTeams-image (39)

Patrick Martin

Associate Consultant

Patrick is an independent consultant with banking experiences spanning 12 mergers & acquisitions, 4 digital transformations, 3 core replacements and 4 QA groups built from scratchView profile


Howard Mooney

Associate Consultant

Howard Mooney brings more than 20 years of banking industry leadership to Cornerstone Advisors’ Contract Negotiations practiceView profile

Russel Morse - Headshot-32

Russell Morse

Associate Consultant

Russel (Russ) brings more than 30 years of Wealth Advisor leadership to Cornerstone Advisors' practiceView profile

Kim Swenson

Kim Swenson

Associate Consultant

Kim Swenson brings more than two decades of financial services management consulting, retail banking and payments experience to her roleView profile


Jim Trautwein

Associate Consultant

As an associate consultant in Cornerstone Advisors’ Technology Services practice, Jim Trautwein helps financial institutions gain value and performance from their technology investments and resources.View profile


John Venzon

Associate Consultant

John Venzon brings 25 years of banking, vendor and consulting experience to Cornerstone Advisors. As an associate consultant of the TechnologyView profile


Laurie Venzon

Associate Consultant

Laurie Venzon brings 20 years of diverse banking experience to help clients improve the pricing, service levels and vendor relationships for core systems, digital banking and other ancillary products and services contractsView profile