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Financial services media outlets frequently look to Cornerstone subject matter experts for insights and analytics on current industry issues.

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Financial Institutions More Than Double Their Digital Transformation

The 2023 Digital Banking Performance Metrics report from Cornerstone Advisors provides regional and community financial institutions performance benchmarks toward their business objectives

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1 Slide, $1 Million Worth of Consulting

Speaking to Co-op Solutions’ THINK 23 event, Ron Shevlin, chief research officer with Cornerstone Advisors, said credit unions must change their approach to financial health and wellness.

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Escape The Squeeze

There’s a revenue crunch. To grow, pursue small-business services.

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Need Fee Income? Add New Services for Small and Midsize Businesses

A recent report by Cornerstone Advisors found that between 2020 and 2023, the number of banking executives who rank noninterest income among their top concerns more than doubled from 11% to 26%.

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FedNow Real-Time Payments Are Here. What Should Banks Do Now?

A study conducted by Cornerstone Advisors found that 13% of banks and credit unions have already deployed real-time payments and that another 30% plan to go live with them in 2023.

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Why Credit Unions Should Think Beyond the Branch

According to a 2021 Cornerstone Advisors survey of bank and credit union executives, the proportion who regard fintech partnerships as important for their institutions shot up from 49% in 2019 to 89% in 2021. These partnerships provide a level of digital functionality that allows smaller operations to compete with big banks and major financial institutions.

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Apple Card’s Savings Account Is Another Brick in the Walled Garden

Ron Shevlin, chief research officer at Cornerstone Advisors, responded: “I don’t think it’s supposed to be ‘transformational.’ I think it’s designed to drive more utilization of Apple Pay and Apple Card. And to make Apple more money."

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Apple Launches its Savings Account with 4.15 Percent Interest Rate

In May 2021, Cornerstone Advisors estimated that there were 6.4 million Apple Card users.

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U.S. Century Bank Partners with Pidgin to Bring Real-Time Payments

"With nearly one in four banks rolling out RTP 2023, according to Cornerstone Advisors, there is no better time than now for banks to search for a fintech partner that aligns with their goals and mission,” said Abhishek Veeraghanta, CEO of Pidgin

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Liberty Bank launches digital bank for small businesses

Small business banking "is in some respects the last frontier for financial institutions," said Vincent Hui, managing director of Cornerstone Advisors. "With neobanks being more established in the consumer space, the opportunity is right for forward-thinking institutions to attack this space before all the other me-toos."

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