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GonzoBanker Blog

A collection of observations, ruminations, predictions and random thoughts from Cornerstone Advisors

The Newest Neobank is for the 62+ Crowd

The launch of Charlie points to an underserved niche in banking: older adults.

In Rough Times, a Confident Board is the Best Asset

A recent Gallup survey notes 48% of Americans are worried about the safety of their money in banks....

All Eyes Are on Bank Deposit and Liquidity Risks

Bank leaders are working overtime to defend their performance and relevancy.

Consumer Lenders Still Struggle to Get With the Times

Data-driven best practices will help ensure a successful consumer lending transformation. In...

Are Payment Hubs a Good Idea for Financial Institutions?

The banking industry has been trying to define digital transformation for the past decade. The...

3 Tips to Head Off a Digital Banking Conversion Nightmare

Ticking these best practice boxes will help keep the monsters at bay on conversion day.

Trust: Once Again the Most Precious Currency in Banking

“Bank confidence is a fragile reed and a troubled bank is damaged by any rumors, true or not.”...

ICE, Black Knight Selling Empower to Constellation Software: So What?

Mortgage lenders may be losing control of their LOS options

So You Want to Be a Venture Capitalist: Best Practices for Community Banks Investing in Fintech Startups

Fintech startups looking for funding in 2023 are finding that it isn’t as easy as it was a few...

Acquire or Be Acquired 2023: Disruption ‘Comes Home’ to Banking

Key themes emerging from AOBA can help guide industry leaders’ strategic discussions. Scottsdale,...