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Core Vendor Conversion & Implementation

Guidance, best practices, and tools to ensure a smooth core conversion.


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Core Vendor Conversion & Implementation

Guidance, best practices and tools to ensure a smooth core conversion.


Talk to an Implementation Expert  

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Core system implementations are massive undertakings impacting every department, line of business, and customer. A bad implementation can quite literally “break the bank” and pose serious operational, management, and reputation risks to the organization. And while you will pay your vendor to convert your data, you are responsible for the entire implementation – testing, product, and process design,  hardware and network upgrades, business continuity, customer communication, conversion, etc.

With Cornerstone consultants acting as advisors, best practice providers, and project managers (or co-manager), and our vendor-specific implementation playbooks and toolkits, you can be assured of a successful core and related system implementation.


Key Features:

  • The team has helped more than 300+ financial institutions convert more than 50 different core vendors
  • Unmatched knowledge of all major core vendor conversion strengths and weaknesses – with plans to plug their gaps
  • Disciplined approach to reduce risk, ensure benefit realization, and meet timeline and budget expectations
  • Focus on process and customer experience improvement to avoid paving the cowpath
  • Conversion Readiness Assessment and project documentation addresses examiner expectations

So, What Makes Us Different?

Real-Life Risk Management

Our real-world experiences will help you address the vendor-specific weaknesses each vendor has in product design, conversion mapping, integration, training, testing, go-live, and post-implementation processes.

Business Impact Results

Far too many institutions end up converting bad processes onto new systems. Our relentless focus on improving processes, customer experience and efficiency drives our implementation effort so you can actually experience all those expected benefits that drove your decision.

Deepest Bench

Our BCP experts can help update your BCP plans, Information Security experts can help design system security, accounting experts can help restructure your chart of accounts or assist in balancing, or our Marketing experts can help with customer communication. Our entire team is devoted to your successful implementation.


Learn More About Our Process and Get a Custom Quote

Schedule a time to talk with one of our Core Implementation Consultants or, if you’re ready, request a custom pricing proposal.


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