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Cornerstone Advisors Research

Where bank, credit union, and fintech leaders turn for unbiased, data-driven analyses, insights, and perspectives


Financial service industry leaders use Cornerstone’s authoritative research to stay current on market developments. Much of our research is free. Download or purchase it below.

Contact us to discuss licensing our research for use as an educational tool to keep your teams and clients up to speed in the industry.

Vendor Management - Whitepaper - Cover

Vendor Management: How Banks and Credit Unions Can Gain a Competitive Edge

In this whitepaper, you'll learn how effective vendor management can transform your organization by helping you reduce expenses, control risk, increase agility, and boost efficiency.

WGOIB 2024 Report - Cover Design 2.0 - small

What's Going On In Banking 2024: Finding the Next Wave to Ride

This year’s report explores the latest banking and fintech trends and delivers a deep dive into the strategic, operational, and technology-related plans of 359 community banks and credit unions surveyed by Cornerstone Advisors.

Contract IQ White Paper cover_250

How to Raise Your Contract Negotiation IQ

This guide shows banks and credit unions how to negotiate efficient, effective and cost-saving software contracts and uncover high-performing financial opportunities in their vendor relationships.


What's Going On In Banking 2023: Fighting the Headwinds, Riding the Tailwinds

An exploration of banking and fintech trends with a detailed dive into the strategic, operational and technology-related plans of community banks and credit unions.


Banking and Fintech in 2022: A Recap of Cornerstone Advisors Research

Get highlights from Cornerstone Advisors Research reflecting key issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by bank and credit union executives.


What's Going On In Banking 2022: Rebounding From the Revenue Recession

Priorities, plans, and plaints for 2022 as reported by 300 U.S. community-based bank and credit union executives.


Seizing the Upper Hand in Contract Negotiations

Learn how to perform efficient, effective and cost-saving negotiations so you can reinvest in what matters most to your financial...


Business Services 2.0: A Credit Union Playbook for Growth

Credit unions must engage with the small businesses that need the most help and continue to look for new ways to fulfill...

2021_Merger of Equals_Image_3

Successfully Executing a Merger of Equals

When two comparable banks join forces, moving beyond a “your bank/our bank” mentality will be a key to success.


What’s Going On In Banking 2021: Rebounding From the Pandemic

New research reveals the 2021 priorities, fintech plans and future forecasts of community-based financial institutions.


Cornerstone Performance Report for Banks 2019

The Cornerstone Performance Report delivers the latest trends and data to help banks become high performing organizations.


The State of Commercial Digital Lending

The face of the commercial borrower has changed, and many lenders are struggling to deliver service that meets the heightened…

Cornerstone Advisors - Fintech Relationships - Cover

Financial Institution & Fintech Relationships: From Both Sides of the Table

Financial institutions and fintechs need to get past the "dreamy partnership" language and recognize that they're on different sides of…


The Power of Benchmarking

Earnings growth over the next several years will depend more on driving a disciplined approach to efficiency and performance management.


What’s Going On In Banking 2020: Outlook for a New Decade

Learn about financial institutions’ priorities, fintech plans and future forecasts for 2020.


What’s Going On in Banking 2019: Is the Party Over?

Now in its sixth year, Cornerstone Advisors’ annual What’s Going On In Banking study surveys senior executives at community-based financial…


Cornerstone Performance Report for Credit Unions 2018 | 2019 Outlook

Extensive revenue, spending, staffing and performance benchmarks from a survey of 43 credit unions with assets of $400 million to $8 billion


The Future-Ready Contact Center

Size and technology play a role in future-readiness, but six practices distinguish leaders from the rest of the pack.


Commercial Banking Operational and Technology Review

2016 Commercial Banking Operational and Technology Review In Q3 2015, Cornerstone Advisors engaged senior executives at 10 mid-size banks to…


Engineering Over Energy

Marketing Impact Snapshot Competitive and economic pressures have created a new set of strategic, revenue and marketing challenges. While banks…


Efficient Instead of Busy

A Discussion with Industry Insiders Cornerstone Advisors managing director and GonzoBanker contributor Eric Weikart recently talked best practices with Jonathan…