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Creating Your Bank’s/Credit Union’s Core Vendor Strategy in 30 Minutes

Thursday, July 8
11:00 am EDT

Whether your core vendor contract is coming up in the next few years or you’ve already made your long-term vendor decision, it’s time to rethink or solidify your core strategy and get updated on the current core vendor market. Register for Cornerstone’s quick, 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • How to choose between the three core strategies, commoditization, optimization, and transformation, and the keys to success for each
  • What’s the current state of the core market? Are Finxact, Nymbus and the other next gens having success? Are the Big 3 vendors really embracing open banking? Have the international cores had any success since Zions and Commerce?
  • Does CodeConnect, Communicator Advantage and jXchange/SymXchange mean the Big 3 are actually embracing open banking? How do you connect your middleware strategy with your core strategy?

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Gonzo Straight Talk: Before the Negotiation Begins

Wednesday, July 14
2:00 pm EDT

As a top-performing financial institution, you want to negotiate every vendor contract with a defined strategy and tactical wherewithal. The problem is that, when it comes to contract negotiations in banking, a preparation checklist does not exist! Register to attend this 20-minute webinar to hear what professional negotiators consider when creating their preparation plan.

  • Learn what it takes to be three steps ahead of the vendor in every negotiation
  • Hear what professional negotiators include in their roadmap after identifying the negotiables and non-negotiables
  • Identify characteristics that promote a healthy negotiation experience that results in a stronger vendor relationship

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How Banks Can Stay More Connected Like Amazon

Six ways financial institutions can prepare to better connect with customers who are nearly all digital-first now.

FIS/Worldpay Agree to Combine: So What?

Game-changing mergers are creating bigger, more diversified vendors that banks and credit unions use for payments services.

Cornerstone Advisors Fall Payments School

Continually emerging payment technologies keep financial institutions struggling to be at the forefront of their market. Join Cornerstone’s Payments Experts for 2-full days of learning this cutting-edge environment and how to keep your FI ahead of the game.