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Branch Performance

We help institutions get the most out of their branch footprint in a constantly evolving landscape of technology and customer expectations.


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Digital disruption continues to have a significant impact on how consumers want to do their banking, leading many to question the need for retail banking centers. To survive and be a relevant distribution channel, it is increasingly critical for branches to perform at maximum efficiency. It’s not about the design, furniture, or whether there is a coffee bar – it is about the foundational processes, technology, and how the employees in those branches engage with customers.
Cornerstone Advisors combines the knowledge gained from our client engagements with the proprietary peer benchmark data in our Performance Vault™ to ensure our clients have the right technology, processes, and staffing to drive customer retention and profitability.

Before Redesigning the Branch, Transform the Operations

Branch Performance Model

The Cornerstone Branch Performance Model looks at six key elements that enable financial institutions to better manage and reform branch performance. The model incorporates Cornerstone’s proprietary data and provides clear insights into branch productivity, earnings potential, and closure analysis with a detailed profit and loss overview for every location. This insight puts organizations in a position to make informed and intelligent decisions about their branch networks.

Performance Optimization

Cornerstone takes a holistic approach to performance improvement, ensuring alignment between an organization’s long-term goals and the unique intricacies of the banking center processes, staffing, and technology. Together with our knowledge of industry best practices and the data in our Performance Vault™, Cornerstone delivers a comprehensive performance execution roadmap. This roadmap and execution plan is focused on near- and long-term improvements to process efficiencies, revenue generation opportunities, and an enhanced customer experience.

Staffing Optimization

Cornerstone’s Staffing Optimization model combines our proprietary peer bank benchmark data and industry best practice information and then customizes the results to both an organization’s current and future state metrics and goals. This data produces a model that provides key metrics that include: optimal production volumes at current staffing levels; right-sized staffing levels for current production volumes; and projected FTE requirements for future production and growth goals.

Customer Experience Assessment

The goal is to deliver “best-in-class” service to account holders at every interaction — but do financial institutions know what customers experience when they come into the banking center? Cornerstone Advisors’ Customer Experience Assessment provides a detailed account of the customer journey, identifies areas for improvement, and outlines an action plan to better the customer experience. These improvements lead to higher share-of-wallet, improved customer satisfaction ratings, and ultimately increase revenue without additional investments in marketing or sales efforts.

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A retail branch network is the most expensive banking delivery channel – so financial institutions must understand and optimize key efficiency and profitability drivers. Cornerstone Advisors provides clients with valuable business intelligence on how to re-engineer processes to reduce variations or special handling that increase costs; refine staffing models to effectively match FTE to production, and ultimately improve the customer experience and profitability. So before embarking on an expensive branch redesign, make sure the foundation is strong and operating at maximum efficiency.


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