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GonzoBanker Blog

A collection of observations, ruminations, predictions and random thoughts from Cornerstone Advisors

ICE to Buy Black Knight – So What?

ICE should take care to ensure that this deal does not slow the speed to market of both companies.  

Why Attracting and Retaining Talent is Not Enough

A focused plan for the development of next generation talent is more crucial than ever.

The Real Opportunity for Banks in the Metaverse Is Lending—Not Opening Branches

Entrepreneurial bankers have a chance to establish themselves as commercial metaverse lenders.  

Core Unicorn Deals Rattling the Future of Financial Technology

Bank executives should take these new deals’ valuations as a sign that the free market sees the...

The BaaS Gold Rush is On

A financial institution’s Banking-as-a-Service strategy needs to be more than an extra credit...

The Bank Legacy Is Dead: Long Live the Fintech Collision

While AOBA 2022 had its share of execs wanting to “fake it until they make it” with future...

Strapping In For Real-Time ACH

An opportunity exists for banks to reach business customers with real solutions that solve real...

The Top 5 Trends in Fintech and Banking for 2022

These fintech and banking trends should be on financial institutions’ radar in the year ahead.  

The U.S. Credit Invisibility Problem

To meaningfully solve the credit invisibility challenge, fintech companies need to enable banks and...

Bankers Are Navigating a Brave New World with Mergers and ESG

Embedding ESG into a merger playbook is a strategic move worthy of banks’ consideration. Bankers...
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