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GonzoBanker Blog

A collection of observations, ruminations, predictions and random thoughts from Cornerstone Advisors

The 2023 GonzoBanker Awards

2023. What a year. Bank leaders must feel like Rocky Balboa after 15 rounds with Apollo Creed. Just think of what the industry dealt with in the last 12 months:

Fintech Deals to Watch: Fall Festivities

The dog days of summer are over, but no sweater weather for deals yet.

Here’s How to Become More Than the Branch Next Door

In a country with thousands of options, the challenge for a bank to stand out is mighty and...

The Five Wonders of Merger Contract Negotiations

In the operational race against time that defines a merger integration, these best practices will...

Time to Get Back to the Crisis of the ’20s

Two types of banks will emerge as winners from this far-reaching, decade-long crisis: the lucky and...

The Hybrid Workplace is One Huge Work-In-Process for Banks

It’s time for bank leaders to intentionally design a hybrid workplace that recognizes the new...

Why Are Payment Card Issuers Still Asking This Question?

The time has come for some truth on the world of payment card flips.

Banks Need Artificial Intelligence – It’s Just a Matter of Picking the Right Technology

Vendors need to be able to explain their AI technology to bankers in layman’s terms “An algorithm...

‘Whack-a-Mole’ and Other Anxiety-Inducing Games Keeping Bankers Awake

Banking executives faced with rapid-fire industry changes may feel at times like they’re playing...

Want to Get Gen Z’s Attention? Be Like TikTok

“Sharing on social media is the customer referral of the late 20th century.” –Tony DeSanctis,...
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