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Transaction Advisory Services

Cornerstone's in-depth knowledge assists you in capturing the organizational synergy your shareholders, employees, and customers expect.


Talk to an Expert 

There are many variables to consider when your organization is looking to merge with or acquire another institution.

Cornerstone’s broad-based strategy, technology, and operations consulting practice combined with our vast network of business relationships will assist your organization in finding potential candidates for a merger, acquisition, or joint venture partnership.

We can help you perform the necessary due diligence to ensure that the resulting strategic and operational synergies are in the best long-term interest of your organization.


Our Competitive Advantage

We focus exclusively on providing services to mid-size banks and credit unions.

Cornerstone consultants have senior-level experience in every major functional area of bank and credit union operations.

We are backed by an extensive portfolio of merger and acquisition projects and understand the delicate balance of merging organizational cultures.