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GonzoBanker Blog

A collection of observations, ruminations, predictions and random thoughts from Cornerstone Advisors

Banks Need to Close the Personalization Gap

Challengers are picking off bank customers with macro-personalization.  

Overdraft and Offsetting the Gap

Banks and credit unions should be developing intentional strategies to counter the loss of...

It’s Dreadful Being a Buyer of Bank Technology

As technology buyers, banking executives need to up their game on tech purchases and technology...

ICE to Buy Black Knight – So What?

ICE should take care to ensure that this deal does not slow the speed to market of both companies.  

Why Attracting and Retaining Talent is Not Enough

A focused plan for the development of next generation talent is more crucial than ever.

The Real Opportunity for Banks in the Metaverse Is Lending—Not Opening Branches

Entrepreneurial bankers have a chance to establish themselves as commercial metaverse lenders.  

Core Unicorn Deals Rattling the Future of Financial Technology

Bank executives should take these new deals’ valuations as a sign that the free market sees the...

The BaaS Gold Rush is On

A financial institution’s Banking-as-a-Service strategy needs to be more than an extra credit...

The Bank Legacy Is Dead: Long Live the Fintech Collision

While AOBA 2022 had its share of execs wanting to “fake it until they make it” with future...

Strapping In For Real-Time ACH

An opportunity exists for banks to reach business customers with real solutions that solve real...
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