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Advice & Research that Improves Fintech

Helping fintech vendors, fintech challengers, and industry investors increase their value for banks and credit unions


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Fintech Hustle Podcast

Join host Sam Kilmer, fintech advisor from Cornerstone Advisors as he engages fintech guests in a lively chat about what’s going on in the world of financial technology

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Navigating the Future of Fintech & Banking


The rapid growth of the financial technology (fintech) industry has disrupted the entire financial services ecosystem. Navigating the threats and opportunities is challenging. Fintech leaders may know their product, but Cornerstone Advisors knows the target markets. Cornerstone’s fintech advisory works together with fintech leaders to make strong, strategic decisions for competitive growth.

Whether it’s customized positioning or go-to-market strategy, we bring confidential advice that gets fintechs to higher value revenue faster. We also work with fintechs to develop authoritative, unbiased research that generates valuable industry conversations and lead generation.

Seeing the Market from All Sides


We bring perspective from all angles, but we keep it simple. We identify the capabilities that need to be built, the audiences likely to care, the business models and messages that will perform, and the talent necessary to drive it across all areas:

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Fintech Advisory Services

Using our Market Pulse methodology (which pre-packages industry, customer, and competitor knowledge aggregated from hundreds of annual technology and strategy engagements), Cornerstone delivers customized, actionable client-specific insights and recommendations to guide our clients’ strategic decisions. Examples of our recent work include:

  • Current industry trends impacting the market and  momentum in a specific market category
  • Competitive market overview with strengths and challenges of major players
  • Identification of emerging players based on Cornerstone Advisors’ extensive knowledge vaults and industry dealmaking engagements
  • Market Pulse proprietary methodology combines continuously-updated, pre-packaged industry intel with tailored recommendations, including:
    • current market position & industry changes
    • buyer/persona perceptions & win/loss realities
    • strengths/challenges vs. competition
  • Buying criteria, priorities, and attribute weightings
  • Semi-annual executive briefing & sales team session with prescriptive deliverables in chosen areas
  • Quarterly access sessions with expanded group of subject matter experts across any area
  • Annual client, investor, or advisory group event breakout-session speaking engagement





Authoritative Research

Enhance your messaging with independent financial services industry analysis. Cornerstone delivers actionable insights on the market. Our independent, unbiased advice guides organizations to forward-looking thought leadership.

  • Consumer & Business Surveys and Studies
  • Industry Executive Surveys & Interview-Based Studies
  • Expert Opinion Editorial Pieces and White Papers
  • Brand Awareness and Affinity Studies

Media & Influence Packages

  • Conversation Starters Content Calendar
  • Keynote speeches
  • Panels & Group Facilitations
  • Videos & Podcasts
  • Webinars & Fireside Chats




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Sam Kilmer

Sam Kilmer leads Cornerstone Advisors’ fintech advisory practice working with industry providers, fintechs and investors. He also leads selective strategy View profile

f.hubspotusercontent40.nethubfs166442Employee Headshotsron-shevlin

Ron Shevlin

Ron Shevlin has been a management consultant for more than 25 years, working with leading financial services, consumer products, retail View profile

Glenn Grossman - Headshot

Glenn Grossman

Glenn Grossman produces analytical studies aimed at delivering insights for innovation, growth, and sustainable competitive advantage for financial institutions and fintech firms View profile

John Meyer-Headshot_600x600

John Meyer

As a senior director with Cornerstone Advisors, John Meyer leads the firm’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics practice. In this View profile

Chris Fleischer - Headshot

Chris Fleischer

Chris Fleischer brings strategic market research, client analytics, competitive intelligence, and customer service expertise to Cornerstone Advisors View profile