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Cornerstone Commissioned Research

Enhance your messaging with independent financial services industry analysis


When your story is supported by independent, third-party data and analysis, it carries more weight with bank and credit union executives.

Over the years, Cornerstone Advisors has built a “vendor neutral” reputation among financial institutions. This means our commissioned research provides fintech firms and software solution vendors with studies that are deliberately unbiased, adding credibility to your messaging.

Position your firm as a thought leader in the market with a customized study from Cornerstone Advisors.


Commissioned Research

The Human + Digital Challenge in Banking: Consumers Want Both

The Human + Digital Challenge in Banking: Consumers Want Both

Discover why banks must utilize tech that works in harmony with human interactions.

Going Green: The Climate Change Opportunity in Banking

Going Green: The Climate Change Opportunity in Banking

A new study of U.S. consumers demonstrates significant opportunity for banks and credit unions to win business and gain a competitive advantage by competing on a climate-based strategy.

Improving the Loyalty of Mortgage Borrowers

Improving the Loyalty of Mortgage Borrowers

Research-backed strategies for building long-term relationships with every customer or member. 


Modular Banking: Delivering Innovation Without Touching the Core

An exploration of how mid-size banks and credit unions can leverage modular banking to compete with larger financial institutions and…


Embedded Fintech: How Mid-Size Financial Institutions Can Jumpstart New Product Innovation Through Fintech Partnerships

Ron Shevlin Says "Stop Installing Escalators on Horse Buggies"


Competing with Google Plex and the Digital Banks: How Community-Based Financial Institutions Can Regain Their Mojo

New research on the changing consumer behaviors and attitudes that threaten community-based FIs.


Migrating to the Cloud: Strategies for Mid-Size Financial Institutions

Only four in 10 mid-size financial institutions have invested in or deployed cloud computing. Learn the benefits of cloud migration…


Don’t Abandon Me: Reducing Friction in Online Account Opening with Digital Identity Verification

Industry trends in account origination, where abandonment occurs, and how to reduce friction with digital identity verification – to help…

2021 Mobile Deposit Benchmark Report-01

2021 Mobile Deposit Benchmark Report

Fifth annual customer experience rankings for 20 top retail banks and credit unions


Americans’ Shadow Financial Lives

Learn how consumer behavior that evades observation affects incumbent financial institutions.


Digital Sales: Benchmarks & Best Practices for Financial Institutions

A mature digital sales process separates the leaders from the rest.


The Lifetime Value of a Student Loan Refinancing Relationship

Learn about the market opportunity for student loan refinancing as well as the appetite for cross-selling to these borrowers.


The Reacquisition Imperative

An exploration of why financial institutions must reacquire customers through digital engagement.


Credit Modeling and the Need for Speed: The Case for Advanced Technologies

Industry benchmarks and real, actionable guidance for using advanced technologies and data to bring agility and accuracy to your lending.


Commercial Loan Origination Systems – A Three-Part Series

With the help of these in-depth reports, financial institutions will be able to evaluate, select and implement a commercial LOS…


The Cloud On The Horizon

Learn how your financial institution can overcome cloud challenges and implement an enterprise-wide cybersecurity initiative.


Embedded Compliance: A New Approach to Containing Rising Compliance Costs and Improving Results

Done correctly, embedding compliance can reduce the need for adding layers of staffing to “inspect in” data quality.


The $370 Billion Small Business Opportunity for Banks

This report identifies the revenue opportunity in small business accounting and payments services.


Improving Financial Services for Women

What can – and should – financial institutions do to improve the delivery of financial services to women?


2020 Mobile Deposit Benchmark Report

Learn about changes in mobile deposit CX from 20 of the largest financial institutions in the United States.


The Roadmap to Personalization in Banking

Personalization has become an accepted strategy but the practice in banking reveals three dilemmas facing financial institutions.


How Top Performers Get Maximum Impact From ECM

How do leading financial institutions deploy enterprise content management (ECM) for optimal business impact and what is the incremental impact…


Accessorizing the Checking Account

There is a strong demand for value-added services with checking accounts.


Five Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Account Opening

Achieving a "friction-free" digital account opening process may be harder than it looks.


Making Marketing Strategic

How marketing can improve its strategic contribution in mid-size financial institutions


The Future-Ready Chief Lending Officer

How emerging technologies are shaping lending and shifting management priorities in community markets.


The Impact of the Platform Economy on Financial Services Marketing

Discover the three challenges financial institutions must overcome to achieve platform success.


The Inevitable Journey to the Cloud in Banking

A look at cloud computing adoption in banking, objections to cloud computing, and why a journey to the cloud is…


Digitizing Sales: How Digital Technologies Will Replace or Support Offline Sales

A successful digital sales strategy will require a shift in an institution’s culture from one that is underwriting-driven to one…


Point-Of-Sale: The New Battleground for Bank Marketers

Inbound and outbound marketing techniques often fail to engage consumers during the product researching, shopping and buying activities in which…


Fintech Adoption in the United States: The Opportunity for Banks and Credit Unions

Although many industry observers believe fintech startups will ultimately drive established institutions out of the market, there is an alternative…


The Lifetime Value of a Student Loan Relationship

Although the overall lifetime value of a student loan borrower depends on cross-sell success, over a 10-year period, one borrower…


The Bottom-Line Impact of Credit Union Loan Participations

By deploying 10% of excess capital in loan participations, credit unions could boost return on assets (ROA) by nearly 50%…


Debunking Cybersecurity Myths

Five key misconceptions bank and credit union CEOs need to overcome to effectively manage, measure and educate employees and board…


Digital Identity in Banking: What CEOs Need to Know About Best Practices and Future Directions

Banking technology developments in digital identity management; best practices in digital account opening and authentication; and forces shaping digital identity…


Reinventing Consumer Loans

Despite lending market share gains by credit unions, community banks and credit unions aren't winning their fair share of Millennials'…


Using Mobile Location Data to Improve Bank Marketing Results

Mobile location data is more than just knowing where someone is. Creating behavioral location trajectories can enhance FIs’ marketing effectiveness.


The Future-Ready Commercial Bank

This report provides a roadmap, benchmarks, and recommendations for making commercial banking processes future-ready for 2018 and beyond.


Reinventing Checking Accounts

Your financial institution's checking account strategies must evolve to survive in the new subscription economy.


The Platformification of Banking

In this white paper commissioned by Avoka, a new business model emerges: the platformification of banking.


Playing Smarter, Not Bigger: How Small Credit Unions Compete on Efficiency

Is this a good time to be a small credit union? Not everyone thinks so. Maybe for good reason. Between…


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