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Over the course of your career, you have cultivated vast amounts of experience and knowledge that continues to hold tremendous value. Cornerstone Advisors has established itself as the leader in Financial Institution advisory. We have a network of thousands of clients who have immediate needs without extended engagements. CRN (Cornerstone Resource Network) was designed to bring together experts like you, who can help institutions with very specific needs without a long-term commitment.

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Areas of Expertise

Get Paid For Sharing Your Expertise

CRN is an exclusive network of executives and industry experts who share insights and get access to unique benefits, events, and opportunities.

1. Work on your schedule, letting you stay in the game without a full-time commitment.

2. Interact with executives at leading companies eager to understand your unique perspective.

3. Get paid for your knowledge and expertise.

CRN members connect with clients in a trusted environment and with an entirely tailored experience. Positions and project participation are always at network member’s discretion.

CRN Difference

For over 20 years, we have built a reputation for giving our clients "unvarnished truth" and sound strategies when it matters most. We pride ourselves on setting the highest standards in the industry, which means that our clients come to expect the best. This also means, we have a very selective process when considering consultants for CRN. You have spent your entire career cultivating your brand and reputation. Joining the Cornerstone Resource Network allows you to create immense value for institutions who need your expertise.

Highest Standards

Our revolutionary approach allows clients to engage with experts like you in a trusted environment that is supported by dedicated resources, thoughtful strategies, and limitless support.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our network of advisors is a compliment to our 20 years of providing best of breed services that span across all of our service lines and practice areas.

Precise Matches

We combine the human insight of our team with a proprietary platform to connect you to the right project that fits not only the needs of our clients, but your needs as well.

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CRN is where expertise meets innovation, truth fuels strategy and impossible turns to action. We champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, click the button below 

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