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2 min read

‘Whack-a-Mole’ and Other Anxiety-Inducing Games Keeping Bankers Awake

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Banking executives faced with rapid-fire industry changes may feel at times like they’re playing “Whack-a-Mole,” “Red Rover, Red Rover,” “Duck, Duck, Goose!” or any of those childhood games that if you were on the wrong team, on the wrong side of the line, or wearing the wrong clothes, chances were good you’d experience shame, blame or bruises. I feel your pain!

Please join me and my colleagues from Cornerstone Advisors for a series of short videos designed to deliver quick answers to questions that may occasionally be keeping bankers awake at night.

Bankers’ Burning Question #3: “Is bigger better when it comes to banking?”

Following the recent collapse of a couple of banks and the government’s response to protect uninsured depositors, Anne Arvia, principal at Cornerstone Advisors, shares her thoughts on why we will always need community banks.  

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Stay tuned for another video next week!

Bankers’ Burning Question #2: “How can my financial institution take advantage of AI?”

John Meyer, senior director at Cornerstone Advisors, explains machine learning, robotic process automation, and generative AI and presents some practical applications of these technologies for financial institutions.

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Bankers’ Burning Question #1: Why should a financial institution help people improve their financial health?

As consumers experience declining financial health, banks are challenged to compete for their business by disruptors with snazzy offerings and tech. Mary Wisniewski examines the issue. 

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15 min read

Fintech Deals to Watch: Fall Festivities

The dog days of summer are over, but no sweater weather for deals yet. No record of heat in deal activity, but warmth...
6 min read

Here’s How to Become More Than the Branch Next Door

In a country with thousands of options, the challenge for a bank to stand out is mighty and existential at its core....
4 min read

The Five Wonders of Merger Contract Negotiations

In the operational race against time that defines a merger integration, these best practices will help the mobilization...