Payments Growth Initiative

Develop metrics and tactics for debit and credit card portfolio growth.

Credit Card DeNovo Program

Restart your credit card program.

Payments Stress Test

Shine the light on potential decreases in non-interest income.

Payments Organization Study

Best practices to organize your payments group.

Debit & Credit Card Selections

Select the debit card processor that’s right for you.

PIN POS Network Negotiations

Maximize your PIN POS interchange.

Credit Processing Negotiations

Select the credit card processor that’s right for you.

Visa/MasterCard Negotiations

Maximize your signature interchange.

Brandi Gregory

Brandi works with clients to implement measurement processes, identify revenue growth opportunities, and select vendor partners to help achieve objectives.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: What’s Happening to My Interchange?!

If you are a Bank or Credit Union that wants to drive interchange income, you…

Measuring and Monitoring

While the various payments products and services offered by a community bank may generate as much as one-third of the bank’s overall revenue, it’s not out of the ordinary to find that payments programs are not measured in any sort of systematic and overarching way...

The Benefits For You

Proprietary Tools

Payments Growth Initiative (PGI), Payments Scorecard and Payments Stress Test tools help financial institutions drive measurable revenue growth and profit improvement in their payments businesses

Cornerstone Contract Vault™ ensures that our clients receive the best market pricing and terms on contracts and card branding and marketing incentives

Vendor Selection

Our vendor selection and card conversion services ensure that new strategies can be implemented with minimal customer impact
For clients re-entering the credit card business, Cornerstone can develop an objective business case and road map to grow this new product area via our extensive Credit Card ROI assessment

Innovation and Revenue Opportunities

Cornerstone helps clients explore untapped areas of revenue in the business credit and debit markets

Cornerstone’s research function allows our clients to be fully informed regarding innovations and emerging strategies in the payments arena

Meet the Payments Team

Bob Roth leads Contract Negotiations and Payments for Cornerstone Advisors. Bob has negotiated hundreds of contracts with industry vendors resulting

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Michelle Shoop specializes in contract negotiations, payments, and wealth management at Cornerstone Advisors. She focuses on payments growth, credit card

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Brandi Gregory specializes in contract negotiations and payments at Cornerstone Advisors. She helps clients achieve satisfaction with vendors and market

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Ryan Rackley specializes in contract negotiations, payments, mergers, branches, and technology at Cornerstone Advisors. He helps clients reduce vendor costs

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Nick Lane specializes in contract negotiations, payments, wealth management, and human resources at Cornerstone Advisors. Nick leverages strong interpersonal skills,

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Anthony Nguyen specializes in contract negotiations and payments at Cornerstone Advisors. He helps clients reduce costs and increase revenue through

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Bernita Stephans specializes in administration and project coordination with a focus on contract negotiations and payments at Cornerstone Advisors. She

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Jen Wagner specializes in contract negotiations with an emphasis on payments, marketing and training at Cornerstone Advisors. Jen focuses on

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