Banking Payment Optimization including Credit and Debit Cards

Take control of your payments business to ensure increased revenue, reduced expenses and minimized risk exposure while improving customer loyalty.


We combine the knowledge gained from numerous customer engagements with the proprietary peer benchmark data in our Performance Vault™ to ensure each client has a clear understanding of its opportunities and risks. We will develop an actionable strategic plan and roadmap for achieving client goals and ensuring the payments business is future-ready.

Cornerstone Can Help Maximize Electronic Payments System Potential

Payments Optimization

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Loyalty program
  • P2P
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Profitability
  • Marketing & Operations

Credit Card Optimization

  • Agent bank vs. issuing
  • Rewards Offerings
  • Product Design
  • Profitability
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Marketing & Operations
  • Underwriting and Fraud Strategies
  • Business and Commercial Card Opportunities

Debit Card Solutions & PIN Network Options

  • PIN & Signature
  • Spend and Interchange Growth
  • Profitability
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Marketing & Operations

Debit & Credit Card Processor Selections

  • Debit and credit processing selections are complex
  • Market options are numerous
  • Choice has a big impact on non-interest income
  • Internal operational assessment
  • Debit and credit card functionality needs
  • Identify a roadmap of competitive improvements

Merchant Partnership Perks: Card Branding & Reduced Interchange Fees

  • Negotiate incentives for the exclusive privilege of being on the front of your cards
  • Reduce card network fees
  • Understand the mechanics of interchange and network fees
  • Identify programs and improve relationships with brand to enhance portfolio
  • Establish better reporting from your card brand

No area of financial services has seen more changes and new entrants than the payments arena. With payments revenue accounting for as much as 40% of an institution’s non-interest income, banks and credit unions must take a proactive approach to protect and grow this revenue engine to its full potential. Cornerstone Advisors can be an indispensable partner in this strategy. 

Payments Optimization


“We couldn’t have arrived here without Cornerstone Advisors. We’re very happy with the work and we definitely got a much better result than we could have on our own. The knowledge and experience in the payments area was very valuable and made this project very smooth.”

— Ken Long, SVP, CIO SESLOC Federal Credit Union


Contact us now to take control of your payments business to ensure increased revenue, reduced expenses and minimized risk exposure while improving customer loyalty.




The Benefits For You

Proprietary Tools

Payments Growth Initiative (PGI), Payments Scorecard and Payments Stress Test tools help financial institutions drive measurable revenue growth and profit improvement in their payments businesses

Cornerstone Contract Vault™ ensures that our clients receive the best market pricing and terms on contracts and card branding and marketing incentives

Vendor Selection

Our vendor selection and card conversion services ensure that new strategies can be implemented with minimal customer impact
For clients re-entering the credit card business, Cornerstone can develop an objective business case and road map to grow this new product area via our extensive Credit Card ROI assessment

Innovation and Revenue Opportunities

Cornerstone helps clients explore untapped areas of revenue in the business credit and debit markets

Cornerstone’s research function allows our clients to be fully informed regarding innovations and emerging strategies in the payments arena

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