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1 min read

Midwest energy sector strong but constrained by volatility

Cornerstone Advisors Senior Director John Meyer called wind energy a robust potential growth source for community banks with locations in regions with consistently strong gusts and significant temperature fluctuations. Meyer doesn’t expect bank regulators to scrutinize oil and gas lending immediately. Instead, he expects them to prioritize strengthening bank liquidity standards following the high-profile failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic Bank.

5 min read

Banks Should Make 2024 a True ‘Year of Digital’

Banks and credit unions won’t find a perfect digital vendor. What they can find is the right partner to fulfill their...
5 min read

The Holy Quest for CRM in Anytown, USA

Once upon a time, First Southern Farmers, Merchants & Community Bank & Trust (or FSFMCBT, for short) in Anytown, USA,...
7 min read

Where Does Chime Go From Here?

While valuation at many fintechs has dropped since 2022, Chime has bucked the trend. Is it ready for an IPO?? Bloomberg...