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There are now more than 6 million people with an Apple card

In response to a Cornerstone Advisors survey from December 2020, the variety of Apple Card prospects greater than doubled over the course of the yr. Cornerstone now estimates that 6.four million Individuals are Apple Card holders.

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American consumers want Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto-related services from their banks

A recent survey by Cornerstone Advisors found that eight in 10 senior bank and credit union executives have no interest in offering cryptocurrency investing services to their clients.

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Banks Should Provide Bitcoin (BTC) As Service, Ron Shevlin Thinks

Crypto adoption is growing, some experts say that banks should consider using Bitcoin in their products.

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How Many Millennials Want Digital-Only Banking?

This year, we forecast that 55.4 million millennials ages 23 to 38 will use digital banking. But, they’re not all fans of digital-only banking.

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