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Ron Shevlin

Banking’s Hard Fork in the Post-Neobank Era

Delivering a better customer experience is not the only way for banks to gain a competitive advantage in this disruptive environment. There’s a concept in the blockchain world called a hard fork, defined as:

Banks Need to Close the Personalization Gap

Challengers are picking off bank customers with macro-personalization.  

The Real Opportunity for Banks in the Metaverse Is Lending—Not Opening Branches

Entrepreneurial bankers have a chance to establish themselves as commercial metaverse lenders.  

The Top 5 Trends in Fintech and Banking for 2022

These fintech and banking trends should be on financial institutions’ radar in the year ahead.  

Conversational AI Is Critical for Financial Institutions’ Digital Transformation

Ignore what vendors say about ‘unlocking new levels of loyalty.’ There are three requirements...

Show Me the Money: Banks and Credit Unions Need to Establish a Chief Revenue Officer Position

FIs’ renewed focus on revenue generation, vendor relationships and new product development is great...

Does Marketing Have a Seat at the Table in Your Bank or Credit Union?

Marketing needs to go beyond execution and make a more strategic contribution The title of a recent...

10 Banking Channel Metrics That Have Dramatically Changed in 10 Years

It shouldn’t be hard to convince you that the banking industry has changed dramatically over the...

New Marketing Competencies for Community-Based FIs

Hey, community bank and credit union marketers: Imagine that you’re sitting in your office, and...

Peter Pan, Unicorns and the DDA Cost of Acquisition

Let’s play a Sesame Street game. Which of these things is not like the other (we’ll sing it for...
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