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GonzoBanker Blog

A collection of observations, ruminations, predictions and random thoughts from Cornerstone Advisors

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Optimizing the Contact Center in the New Normal

Time-tested best practices can help financial institutions stay agile in the face of COVID-19. The...

The Sorry State of Contact Center Technology

Customers love digital self-service—right up until they don’t, and then they want a live person. In...

The 3 Dimensions of Bank Delivery Channel Management

Understanding their Return on Channel arms bank executives with the insight to better manage...

Are Video Teller Machines the ‘Branch of the Future?’

The lowly ATM has been sitting in the corner for the last couple of decades, quietly doing its job....

5 Steps to Mastering Banking Complaints from Customers

News flash! Banking customer experience should be best in class at most businesses in America this...