Executive Roundtables

Creative collaboration among bankers can be turned into collective intelligence.


Cornerstone Executive Roundtables give you the opportunity to interact, face-to-face, with 15 to 18 of your peers in a private, relaxed environment. Open to C-Suite and executive team members. Our roundtables are designed with knowledge sharing, top-of-mind topics, and networking as priorities.

Facilitated by Cornerstone experts who bring deep industry knowledge and gritty insights to the table. All roundtables are hosted at resorts across the country featuring unique atmospheres for dinner, cocktail hours, and options for golf where available. There will also be exactly zero vendors or sales pitches.

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing as a focus, not a sidelight
  • Agenda filled with relevant and significant topics that attendees help drive; actionable takeaways
  • Content that is both diverse and specific to the group in attendance


Here's what previous attendees have said:

“The roundtable provided the opportunity to explore, in more granular fashion, the best practices of other banks around the country, which I was then able to bring back and successfully adapt to our operation.”

“Cornerstone assembles bright people to challenge each other’s assumptions, strategy and execution. Civility reigns over all conversations – but if you’re looking for a voice or voices to ask, “Why did I conclude that?” – this is the group.”

“I really appreciate the modest size and level of talent in the group… Cornerstone’s roundtables provide an environment that breeds candor and transparency I’ve not experienced in any other forum.”


Attend an Executive Roundtable and discover the power of collaboration in a relaxed yet informative environment.

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