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Let Cornerstone customize research efforts to your specific objectives. It’s a known fact, that independent research from a third-party source builds credibility and can be a valuable tool in educating the market.

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Cornerstone Research

Our industry-renowned research, reports, and studies are fueled by the knowledge from our daily engagements with banks and credit unions and can be licensed to facilitate industry outreach.

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Commissioned Research

Reinventing Consumer Loans

Despite lending market share gains by credit unions, community banks and credit unions aren't winning their fair share of Millennials'…

Using Mobile Location Data to Improve Bank Marketing Results

Mobile location data is more than just knowing where someone is. Creating behavioral location trajectories can enhance FIs’ marketing effectiveness.

The Future-Ready Contact Center

Size and technology play a role in future-readiness, but six practices distinguish leaders from the rest of the pack.

The Future-Ready Commercial Bank

This report provides a roadmap, benchmarks, and recommendations for making commercial banking processes future-ready for 2018 and beyond.

Reinventing Checking Accounts

Your financial institution's checking account strategies must evolve to survive in the new subscription economy.

The Platformification of Banking

In this white paper commissioned by Avoka, a new business model emerges: the platformification of banking.

Playing Smarter, Not Bigger: How Small Credit Unions Compete on Efficiency

Is this a good time to be a small credit union? Not everyone thinks so. Maybe for good reason. Between…

Competing on Financial Health

How Credit Unions Can Win the Gen Y Market Executive Summary Cornerstone Advisors, in partnership with the Center for Financial…

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Cornerstone Research

What’s Going On in Banking 2018

Now in its fifth year, Cornerstone Advisors’ annual What’s Going On in Banking study surveys senior executives at community-based financial…

2017 Cornerstone Performance Report

In Cornerstone's recent peer benchmark study, we surveyed 48 banks with median assets of $3.1 billion and uncovered some rather…

Breaking the Conditioned-Response Habit in Your Vendor Relationships

More and more banks and credit unions are finding themselves dissatisfied with their card processors. But is the problem really…

Cornerstone Performance Report for Credit Unions 2016

The Cornerstone Performance Report for Credit Unions is based on an extensive survey of 50 credit unions with assets of…

Accelerating Merger Earnings Through Vendor Contract Negotiations

Expedite Post-Acquisition Earnings through Vendor Contract Negotiations Post-merger, bank executives will begin to feel the pressure to deliver on the…

Unlocking Operating Efficiency in Mergers

Mergers and acquisitions in the mid-size banking market are fueling a renewed quest to achieve efficiency ratios below the magic…

What’s Going On in Banking 2017

In December 2016, Cornerstone Advisors surveyed 301 executives from community banks and credit unions about their outlook, concerns, priorities, and…

Drawing Back the Curtain on Vendor Pricing for Core Processing

WHO SHOULD READ THIS Senior bank and credit union managers who want to better understand the dynamics of vendor contracts…

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