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Chase Acquires WePay

JPMorgan Chase  announced an agreement to acquire payments platform provider WePay. 

Student Loan Scam Crackdown

Officials launched a crackdown on companies that gouge student loan borrowers.

Rising ATM Fees

ATM fees have set a record high for 11 consecutive years, and are up 55% over the past decade.

Business Deposit Rates Are Rising

Consumers might not be demanding higher deposit rates, but businesses are—and they’re getting them.

Consumer Deposit Rates Are Going Nowhere

Despite the increase in short-term interest rates, banks are still paying peanuts to depositors. Can it last?

Crowd-fund-ed Houses

A new start-up is using the crowdfunding model to help people buy a house within cities.

Crowded Business Loans

A number of credit unions have partnered with a new equity crowdfunding platform to build their small business loan portfolios.

Late (Payment) Again?

The Q2 2017 average net charge-off rate for large U.S. card issuers increased to its highest level in four years.

Renters Come Again

In 2016, roughly 37% of household heads rented their homes, virtually identical to the percentage that rented in 1965.

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