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What's Going On In Banking 2023

Fighting the Headwinds, Riding the Tailwinds


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Key Findings in the Report


Other key findings in the report, authored by Ron Shevlin, chief research officer at Cornerstone Advisors, include:

  • The interest rate environment was the most frequently cited top concern for banks and credit unions in 2023.
  • The percentage of executives concerned about cost of funds jumped to more than 43% for 2023, from just 8% last year.
  • Growing deposits will be a priority in 2023. Banks’ concerns over small business deposits soared to 72% from 41% in 2022. For credit unions, retail deposits topped the list, skyrocketing from 18% in 2022 to 70% in 2023.
  • Banks and credit unions remain seemingly indifferent to the revenue growth potential of real-time payments. Nearly 40% have not determined an RTP strategy.
  • Banks plan to invest nearly $4 million in fintech startups in 2023 (an increase of $1 million over 2022) while credit unions plan to invest just over $1 million (a slight decrease from 2022).

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Ron Shevlin

Chief Research Officer

Cornerstone Advisors

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Mary Wisniewski


Cornerstone Advisors

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Julie Thurlow

President & CEO

Reading Cooperative Bank

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Curt Queyrouze


Coastal Community Bank

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