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Modernize, Optimize or Commoditize?

How to Determine the Best Core System Strategy for Your Credit Union


Webinar Available Now

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Is it time to modernize your core? Or should you focus on getting more value from your existing core? Or should you commoditize your core to allocate funds towards digital and other strategic initiatives?

Learn about three essential credit union core strategies and how to decide which one is right for you. We’ll also provide our insights on the present core marketplace and how emerging “next gen” systems are disrupting traditional core systems.

What You'll Learn

  1. Which core vendor solutions are winning in the market, which have promise, and which are dying?

  2. How are credit unions tackling core modernization?

  3. How to decide the best core strategy for your credit union - modernize, optimize, or commoditize - and the best practices for each



Brad Smith


Cornerstone Advisors


Steve Wildman

Managing Director

Cornerstone Advisors


Elizabeth Hollis


Cornerstone Advisors

Webinar Available Now


Watch the webinar now to get all the answers to your questions on how to manage core modernization and maximize on your existing core solutions.

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