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Gonzo Straight Talk: Ensuring Your Tech Contracts Align for M&A 

With M&A activity in banking continuing its upward trend in 2022, how should interested financial institutions prepare for a future partnership?

Banks considering M&A as a strategic initiative are [likely] looking to either grow and diversify their technology offerings or scale to combat the pressure on margins.

Whether your financial institution finds itself in an 'acquire or be acquired' position, taking the necessary steps to ready your firm for the inevitable is priority number one.  

In this 20-minute session, Ryan Rackley provides the audience with an industry overview, focusing on some of the outside forces impacting M&A activity today, and shares what investment bankers are saying about future M&A transactions. He concludes the discussion with a list of the technology contract terms that can make or break an M&A transaction. 


Wednesday | February 23 | 12:30 pm CT



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