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Gonzo Straight Talk: Achieving NIE Nirvana in 2022


As financial institutions execute their strategic plans for 2022, one thing they'll likely keep in mind: expect the unexpected.

The end of 2021 saw a slow but steady growth of the U.S. economy; however, with a recent surge in inflation, banking executives must continue to find ways to lower expenses in 2022. 

While there are several ways to 'skin a cat,' the consultants at Cornerstone Advisors recommend that banks and credit unions revisit their most costly vendor technology contracts as a viable source of cost reduction.

Reducing non-interest expenses (NIE) improves profitability. When you negotiate costly vendor technology contracts for market pricing and better terms, you benefit from cost savings without reducing other expenses like headcount.

Attend this timely Gonzo Straight Talk webcast on achieving NIE Nirvana in 2022 and hear what trusted advisors have to say about negotiating costly technology contracts your institution can do without in 2022.  


Wednesday | January 26 | 12:30 pm CT



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