Lending Performance Optimization

Transform your commercial, small lending consumer and mortgage lending operations to provide an enhanced borrower experience, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.


Traditional lending is facing challenges from both external and internal forces. Fintech and non-bank lenders are changing borrowers’ behaviors and expectations while inefficient processes and outdated technology are eroding profitability from the inside. Cornerstone Advisors is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with valuable insights and direction on how to optimize their lending operations.

Transform Your Lending Performance for Future Readiness

Performance Improvement - Assessment

Cornerstone takes a holistic approach to performance improvement, ensuring alignment between an organization’s long-term goals and the unique intricacies of its lending processes, people, and technology. We will delve into operational processes and workflows to discover the key drivers of performance metrics. After a complete analysis of an organization’s performance metrics, we compare this data against industry best practices and proprietary benchmark data in our Performance Vault™ to create a comprehensive Performance Assessment and Opportunity Roadmap to drive higher performance, ROI, and revenue opportunities.

Performance Improvement - Execution

Cornerstone works with FIs to execute and implement the recommendations identified in the Performance Assessment. We manage the project, timelines, and resources to achieve the goals and objectives that will ultimately improve performance and profitability. Our proven methodology encompasses the necessary project oversight and design maps to ensure the organization’s desired future state is achieved.

System Selection

The right technology lays the groundwork for a future-ready, high performing lending business. Cornerstone’s hands-on experience and proven approach help establish key criteria for vendor RFPs and provide an objective framework to guide the vendor evaluation and selection process. Using Contract Vault™ and financial models, we work to negotiate the best contract terms and pricing. Upon selection, Cornerstone provides guidance and oversight to ensure the implementation stays on track and projected efficiencies and other goals are achieved.

System Implementation

Cornerstone’s expertise and work go far beyond a simple system conversion. We ensure that the project’s scope includes evaluation and re-engineering of current processes and workflows to improve efficiencies and performance. We identify and mitigate conversion risk, ensure the capabilities and functionality of the new system are fully maximized, minimizing the risk to customers and end-users. Our seasoned industry veterans ensure all processes are optimized, creating an improved customer experience and enhanced revenue generation opportunities.

Backed by inside knowledge, insights and proprietary benchmark data, our leading industry veterans evaluate an institution’s workflows and technology to create a robust plan that optimizes the institution’s lending operations for maximum impact and profitability.

Consumer Lending

We help clients create high-performing, user-friendly lending processes with a focus on digital lending and multi-channel delivery.

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Commercial Lending

Our competitive advantage delivers best in class process improvement and automation in the commercial lending space.

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Mortgage Lending

We help clients create profitable, best in class lending processes in a constantly evolving compliance and digital lending environment.

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