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Banking Strategy

Stay competitive and drive measurable value for your shareholders and customers.


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Cornerstone brings research, industry trends, and insights to your planning process that uncover how peers are creating customer and shareholder value to help your institution stay competitive.



From Strategy to Execution

Strategic Planning

Practical strategies, tactics, and initiatives to move you toward achieving your stated goals.

Board & Executive Facilitation

Our industry-savvy facilitators have helped countless banks and credit unions get – and stay – fired up about their strategic plans and future direction.

Strategic Execution

Cornerstone helps you implement the initiatives set forth in the Strategic Plan and move your institution from Strategy to Execution.

Organizational Alignment

Determine where your institution’s focus, energy, and time should be directed to improve performance benchmarks and management/profitability reporting – resulting in capitalized growth and market position.


Benefits to You

Executives receive an objective assessment from multiple perspectives: financial performance, operational benchmark performance, branding, technology, and organization. Our Strategic Assessment helps identify where and how your institution can create greater value for shareholders and customers.

Our formal external research and internal survey expertise will uncover key themes, challenges, and opportunities that should be addressed in the planning process.

Our process of assessing your institution’s business model and strategic priorities ensures time and resources will be spent on areas of greatest leverage to ensure results are achieved.

Our process of clarifying your institution’s business model and strategic priorities ensures time and resources will be spent on areas of greatest leverage using strategic tools and methodologies to maintain a rigorous execution process to ensure results are achieved.


Cornerstone Difference


Our proprietary Strategic Assessment model and Cornerstone Scorecard benchmarks allow executives to know exactly how their institution compares to peers.


Cornerstone’s work with more than half of all mid-size financial institutions in America means your organization will learn what the top institutions are specifically doing to create customer and shareholder value.


Our planning methodology allows executives to clarify key competitive advantages and clearly establish organizational priorities.