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In a world where your card program should be contributing positively to the bottom line we constantly find negotiated contracts with pricing that is well above the current market or a contract that hasn’t been negotiated for more favorable terms for years.

Cornerstone is Here to Help

Cornerstone can bring clarity to the opaque vendor market. Our negotiators have reviewed and modeled thousands of vendor proposals. We know how to make sense of the complexity.

Our goal is to deliver a competitively priced contract to your institution for the best-fit product mix.




Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Whether you are ready to make a change or even if you want to remain with your current vendor it is always important to get a competing bid from market.  That’s the experience that Cornerstone provides to the process.

  • Financial Analysis of current spending with targets provided from the Contract Vault
  • Bid Solicitation Letters created and delivered to chosen vendors
  • Updated Financial Analysis that shows an apples to apples comparison
  • Pricing Requests made to the Vendor
  • Contract terms negotiated

Hand inserting a credit card in an ATM


Not sure who the right partner is? Let us help by taking the guesswork out of the negotiation.

ATM Servicing

  • Diebold
  • NCR
  • Third Parties

Debit Card Processing

  • FDR
  • Worldpay
  • Visa DPS
  • Mastercard TPS
  • Fiserv
  • Elan
  • Passport
  • PSCU
  • CSCU
  • CO-OP
  • Jack Henry
  • TMG
  • Transfund


Brandi Gregory

Understanding Interchange and Network Fees is important to the future success of any card program – don’t find yourself with the wrong partner.


Drawing Back the Curtain on Vendor Pricing for Debit Processing

Understand how rapid growth in electronic payments can impact contract negotiations with vendors and networks and enhance the profitability of your institutions’ payments businesses.


A Shift in the Vendor Landscape

The card processing landscape experienced significant changes in 2017, and this shift in players will impact financial institutions well into the future.


Payments School

Continually emerging payment technologies keep financial institutions struggling to be at the forefront of their market.  Join Cornerstone’s Payments Experts for 2-full days of learning this cutting-edge environment and how to keep your FI ahead of the game.