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Core Banking System Contract Negotiations

We will get you the best pricing on top of improved services levels and terms - freeing you to focus on future performance and growth.


Leverage more than 15,000 pricing data points acquired through numerous system selection negotiations, contract renewals and benchmarking engagements along with our proven methodologies to get the most advantageous contract for your institution – no matter the size. Services include Core Selections and Renewals, and In-house vs. Services Bureau Evaluations.

Core Banking System Selections


Now that you have finished the selection of your core provider, you still have miles to go. Cornerstone can help with the following:

  • Assist in product selection
  • Improve on RFP pricing
  • Complete your due diligence
  • Focus on terms & conditions
  • Add teeth to service level agreements
  • Develop implementation plan

Core systems negotiated (Service Bureau/In-house):

  • FIS: Systematics, IBS, Horizon, Bankway
  • Fiserv: Signature, DNA, Bisys, Premier, Cleartouch
  • Jack Henry: Silverlake, 20/20, Core Director

We will deliver:

  • Cornerstone will work towards delivering a custom solution for your institution based on your needs with your core agreement
  • Quantifiable financial results
  • Best in class terms and conditions and service level agreements

Core Banking System Renewals


Proven methodologies acquired through numerous system selection negotiations, core banking system renewals and benchmarking engagements.

Knowledge – The Cornerstone Contract Vault™ contains more than 15,000 pricing data points; this proprietary database of vendor pricing information provides a distinct negotiating advantage.

Experience – Our industry expert negotiators have 75 years of combined experience negotiating contracts with all major vendors. We can help you with your core contract negotiations.

Process – Industry test process that keeps vendors on track and completes the process in a compressed time frame.

Results – Quantifiable financial results based on negotiations along with best in class terms and conditions and service level agreements.

Community Bank/Credit Union Core Systems


There are over 4,000 banks and credit unions with assets between $100-$500 million across the United States.

The core vendor marketplace for this group is abundant; don’t let a small asset size convince you there is little leverage to negotiate your core system pricing and terms. Cornerstone Advisors will negotiate your core contract and ancillaries to ensure you have an agreement that is market competitive.

Core Systems Negotiated – (Service bureau/In-house)

  • FIS: BancPac, Mercury, Bankway-Kirchman
  • Fiserv: Advantage, Cleartouch, Datasafe, Galaxy, Precision, Premier, Portico, XP2
  • Jack Henry: 20/20, Core Director, CruiseNet
  • Other Core Providers: CSO (MeridianLink, NuPoint), Corelation, DCI, Member Driven Technologies (Episys), Synergent (Episys), Shazam (Cardinal), COCC

In-house vs. Service Bureau Evaluations


Find the operating model with the best fit for your institution can be challenging – Cornerstone is here to help.

Making sense of the complexity – Comparing the in-house model versus service bureau model for core processing can be a difficult undertaking. Don’t look to your vendors for help in making a comparison or figuring out the hard costs associated with each model.

Deliverables – We dig into the details and then provide you the information you need to make a fact-based decision.

  • Data request and interviews
  • In-House Spending Model
  • Service Bureau Spending Model
  • Side by Side comparison of In-House versus Service Bureau processing costs
  • Management Presentation

Proven Methodology – Our approach is more than just comparing two proposals. We meet your team, learn about your strategic goals, dig into the numbers and prepare deliverables designed to help you make an informed decision. We secure the best price and terms and help you implement the go-forward model.