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As distribution channels continue to evolve, the role of the contact center as a true, full-fledged channel is more important than ever. This means that the people, processes, and technology that run an organization’s contact center must be optimized to ensure an outstanding customer experience at every interaction. Combining the knowledge gained from our numerous customer engagements every year with the proprietary peer benchmark data in our Performance Vault™, Cornerstone Advisors partners with our clients to ensure the right combination of systems, processes, and talent is in place to drive customer retention and profitability.

Maximize Your Contact Center Performance

Performance Improvement

Cornerstone takes a holistic approach to performance improvement ensuring alignment between the organization’s long-term goals and the unique intricacies of the contact center processes, staffing, and technology. Together with our knowledge of industry best practices and the data in our Performance Vault, Cornerstone delivers a comprehensive Opportunity Roadmap focused on near- and longterm process improvements and practical recommendations to transform the customer experience and drive revenue generation.

System Selection and Implementation

The right technology lays the groundwork for a future-ready, high performing contact center. Leveraging Cornerstone’s hands-on experience and proven approach, we help establish key criteria for vendor RFPs and provide an objective framework to guide the vendor evaluation and selection process. Using the Cornerstone Contract Vault™ and financial models, we work to negotiate the best contract terms and pricing. Upon selection, Cornerstone provides guidance and oversight to ensure the implementation stays on track and projected efficiencies and other goals are achieved.‌

Performance and Stress Testing

An influx of calls due to growth, news of the latest security breach, or an unplanned technology outage can overload a contact center and provide a negative customer experience. Cornerstone Advisors can help prevent this by designing various scenarios to test an institution’s contact center capacity and identify operational weaknesses and performance bottlenecks. Cornerstone’s staffing optimization model is built on a foundation of proprietary peer benchmark data and customized with both the organization’s current and future state metrics and goals in mind.

Merger Integration

After a merger is announced, the swift evaluation and integration of contact center operations is critical. Cornerstone’s proven framework and playbook assesses the current state of the two organizations and identifies the optimal path to integration and future readiness. Our rigorous assessment of workflows, technologies, and processes pave the way for a successful integration strategy and ensure that operational objectives are achieved and disruption to the customer experience is minimized.

Customer Experience Assessment

The goal is to deliver “best-in-class” service to account holders at every interaction – but do financial institutions really know what customers experience when they call? Cornerstone Advisors’ Customer Experience Assessment provides a detailed customer journey map, identifying areas for improvement and outlines an action plan to better the customer experience. These improvements lead to higher share-of-wallet, improved customer satisfaction ratings, and ultimately increase revenue without additional investments in marketing or sales efforts.

With digital self-service options at their fingertips, customers are able to quickly handle a wide array of basic needs on their own. As a result, contact centers are expected to respond to increasingly complex inquiries across a variety of interaction channels—positioning contact center representatives as the “human voice behind digital transformation.” Cornerstone works closely with clients to optimize processes, people, and technology to deliver an excellent customer experience and drive future readiness.

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