Benchmarking & Process Improvement

We help institutions achieve high performance levels of profitability, productivity and service by delivering industry best practices and over 200 proprietary metrics.

Competitive Advantage

The Data

200+ benchmarks covering every function ranging from production to back office.  

Vendor Knowledge

Vast knowledge of all the latest intel on vendor products and services.

Process Best Practices

Insights employed by high performers in critical banking functions.

Proven Methodology

Clearly defined process with an emphasis on specific, data-driven results.


Cornerstone Scorecard

200+ metrics to assess performance against a custom peer group delivered with Cornerstone’s analysis of results.

Performance Review

Delivery of critical metrics along with identification of the biggest areas of opportunities to quickly focus resources.

Performance Assessment & Opportunity Roadmap

A comprehensive look at process, technology, organizational, and strategic opportunities translated into specific initiatives and real, bottom-line results.

Benchmarking Subscription

Ongoing, real-time access to Cornerstone’s industry-leading database of metrics.  

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The Power of Benchmarking

Earnings growth over the next several years will depend more on driving a disciplined approach to efficiency and performance management.

Process Proficiency

As a community banker, if you look around your organization, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll see the signs of project fatigue. Whether technology, regulatory or product related, initiatives seem to drag on for months and rarely live up to original objectives.

Efficient Instead of Busy

Cornerstone Advisors managing director and GonzoBanker contributor Eric Weikart recently talked best practices with Jonathan Rogers, divisional CFO and SVP of $12 billion Trustmark Bank.

Meet the Team

Ryan Brogan specializes in performance improvement and benchmarking at Cornerstone Advisors with a key focus in contact centers and lending.

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As co-leader of Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy and Execution Practice, Eric Weikart shows banks and credit unions how to use peer

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Ryan Myers has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry with an emphasis on strategic planning and

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Melissa Rogers specializes in performance and process improvement at Cornerstone Advisors. Melissa helps clients facilitate the discovery, evaluation and planning

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As a senior director in the Strategy and Execution practice at Cornerstone Advisors, Joe Ganzelli puts more than 30 years

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Thomas Milillo specializes in performance, process improvement, and lending at Cornerstone Advisors. Thomas helps clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability

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As a consultant at Cornerstone Advisors, Michael Rempel specializes in lending solutions and works on a variety of client engagements

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As a solution operations manager in Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy and Execution practice area, Ben Cofer relies on strong analytical, communication

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Vincent Hui brings to Cornerstone Advisors nearly 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, where he has served

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Jim Burson brings to his role as managing director in Cornerstone Advisors’ Channels practice a deep knowledge of the financial

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Daryl Jones puts his strong performance and process improvement background to work at Cornerstone, where he manages the Mortgage Lending

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In the commercial and small business segments, Joel Pruis brings more than 25 years of experience delivering fundamental change in

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