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Drive measurable value creation through proven M&A strategies

Benefits to You

Identify M&A opportunities that best fit your strategic vision.

Explore mergers confidentially to assess strategic fit and value creation potential, ensuring the right deal is negotiated.

Quickly develop a unified vision including leadership and governance, brand strategy, risk appetite and technology platforms

Aggressively manage vendor contracts to achieve optimal financial and business results

Integrate brand, products, channels, people, process and technology in a manner that creates the most competitive financial institution while minimizing customer disruption.

Proactively manage all regulatory challenges and operating risks related to merging the organizations

Receive continuous executive and board level dashboard reports to ensure proper merger oversight

Let us help you drive value through proven M&A strategies.

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Cornerstone Difference

Cornerstone brings its hands-on knowledge and senior expertise in strategy, operational best practices, technology and vendor contract negotiations to the table in a single integrated solution.

Cornerstone unlocks financial value early in the merger process through its industry-leading contract negotiation efforts and continues to drive value through facilities and staffing alignments, non-interest expense reductions and future revenue enhancement strategies.

Our seasoned group of banking executives and technology specialists take ownership for driving value creation in the merger process.

Successfully Executing a Merger of Equals

When two comparable banks join forces, the expectation is that they will take full advantage of the doubling in scale…

Major Core Vendors Are Failing Regional Banks

Technology has become too important to the future shareholder value equation for regional banks to accept the mediocre ecosystem serving this market segment today.

Unlocking Operating Efficiency in Mergers

M&A activity for mid-size banks is fueling a renewed quest to achieve efficiency ratios below the magic 50% mark.