Debit & Credit Card Negotiations

Cornerstone brings knowledge and expertise to the table on your behalf.

Card Renewals | Vendor Selections

Card processing is an opaque industry; we bring transparency and clarity to the negotiations. Whether that be a contract renewal negotiation or a full blown market RFP.

Breaking the Conditioned-Response Habit in Your Vendor Relationships

More and more banks and credit unions are finding themselves dissatisfied with their card processors. But is the problem really with failed vendor performance, or is a lack of accountability on both sides to blame?

A Shift in the Vendor Landscape

The card processing landscape experienced significant changes in 2017, and this shift in players will impact financial institutions well into the future.

Ryan Rackley has negotiated more than 400 technology contracts for his clients. He brings an in-depth knowledge of all aspects

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Bob Roth brings to Cornerstone Advisors more than 30 years of experience managing and directing all aspects of information technology

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Brandi Gregory has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry with an emphasis on relationship management, payments

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