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Loan and Deposit Operations

We identify opportunities to transform your loan and deposit operations to provide an enhanced experience, improve efficiencies and achieve optimal performance.


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Deliver value and a winning experience for customers by leveraging knowledge, talent, data and strategic technologies. Stay relevant by taking the time to examine organizational alignment, operational processes and existing and available technologies to ensure your financial institution is ready to meet the challenges of the future and achieve optimal performance.

Cornerstone Advisors combines the knowledge gained from client engagements and decades of industry experience with proprietary peer benchmark data from our Performance Vault™ to ensure our clients’ Loan and Deposit Operations are fully leveraging system capabilities with efficiently defined processes and staffing to drive profitability, gain market share and exceed customer expectations. Contact Loan & Deposit Operations


What We Offer

Performance Optimization – Assessment

We dive into operational processes and workflows to discover the key drivers of performance metrics. After a complete analysis of operational performance metrics, we compare this proprietary benchmark data against industry best practices, along with decades of combined industry experience, to create a comprehensive roadmap to drive higher performance, ROI, revenue opportunities and process re-engineering and improvement plans for your institution.


Performance Optimization – Execution

Cornerstone works with financial institutions to execute and implement the opportunities and recommendations identified in the Performance Optimization assessment. We manage the project, timelines and resources to achieve the goals and objectives that will ultimately improve performance and profitability. Our proven methodology encompasses the necessary project oversight and process redesign support to ensure the organization’s desired future state and quantified improvement objectives are achieved.


System Selection

In addition to core accounting, loan origination/servicing/documentation and CRM/ERM/ECM platforms, loan and deposit operations often utilize a myriad of other systems to manage and process work daily. Performance Optimization opportunities will often include areas related to the need for technology to address operational inefficiencies or data integrity challenges – either by newly considering technology to automate current manual processes, or further leveraging existing in-house technology via available, under or non-utilized system capabilities.

When a technology need is identified, Cornerstone’s hands-on experience and proven approach help establish key criteria for vendor RFPs and provide an objective framework to guide the vendor evaluation and selection process. Using our Contract Vault™ and financial models, we work to negotiate the best contract terms and pricing. Upon selection, Cornerstone provides guidance and oversight to ensure the implementation stays on track and projected efficiencies and other goals are achieved.


System Implementation 

We ensure that the project’s scope includes evaluation and re-engineering of current processes and workflows, to improve efficiencies and performance. We identify and mitigate conversion risk, ensure the capabilities and functionality of the new system are fully leveraged, minimizing the risk to customers and end-users. Our seasoned industry professionals ensure all processes are optimized, creating an improved customer experience and enhanced revenue generation opportunities.


How can we help you become Smarter
in Loan & Deposit Operations?


Ensure operations groups are aligned with your organization’s strategic objectives; particularly expense/efficiency objectives, deposit/loan portfolio composition and in supporting revenue accretive strategies.


Analyze your organization’s operational performance metrics related to peer benchmark data and industry best practices, providing a ‘running start’ in identifying efficiency opportunities and the operational requirements to realize those opportunities.


Leverage our direct bank expertise in managing deposit and loan operations units to evaluate organization, processes, workflows and technology to identify efficiency improvements, rationalize/redesign processes and execute changes to ensure that measurable improvement objectives are achieved.


Streamline existing technological ecosystem and capitalize on opportunities to address operational inefficiencies and data integrity challenges – either via new technologies or further leveraging existing systems via available, under or non-utilized capabilities.

Solution Managers


Tom Hill

An experienced operations leader, Tom Hill is dedicated to applying continuous improvement principles in banking. As a director in Cornerstone View profile


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