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Avoiding the Zombies:

How to Keep Your Core Banking Technology Living and Breathing


Halloween Online Event

For Financial Institutions Only


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The core system landscape is populated with undead core platforms walking the earth. Join Cornerstone for a Halloween special webinar about how to plan for and survive the zombie apocalypse by understanding:

  • What is Cornerstone’s Core Momentum Framework
  • How to identify if your core is a zombie
  • Ways to effectively manage a zombie core/vendor

Many banks and credit unions are haunted by zombie core systems—archaic platforms with no hope of revival. These relics of the past can be as frightening as creatures from your favorite horror film.

Meet the Speakers and Share Your Questions

In continuing with our Smarter Bank series, join industry experts Brad Smith, Steve Wildman, and Steve Williams as they unveil the results of their exclusive research, identifying high-growth players in the market and exposing cores that have fallen into the dreaded "zombie" category. 

Steve Williams Headshot Circle

Steve Williams

President & Partner



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Brad Smith



Steve Wildman - Headshot - Circle

Steve Wildman

Managing Director


About Cornerstone Advisors


After more than 20 years in this business, Cornerstone Advisors knows the financial services industry inside and out. We know that when banks and credit unions improve their strategies, technologies, and operations, improved financial performance naturally follows. We live by the philosophy that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. With laser-focus measurement, financial institutions can develop more meaningful business strategies, make smarter technology decisions, and strategically reengineer critical processes.

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