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Vendor Management:

How Banks and Credit Unions Can Gain a Competitive Edge


Download this comprehensive guide and discover the 6 key steps you must take to implement an effective vendor management program at your financial institution.


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What You'll Learn in This Whitepaper

Vendor Management - Whitepaper Cover


Effective vendor management can transform your organization by helping you:

  • Reduce Expenses: Align vendors with strategic goals, consolidate agreements and optimize contracts.

  • Control Risk: Handle due diligence, audits, contingency planning and exit strategies.

  • Increase Agility: Identify scalable partnerships and explore new solutions.

  • Boost Efficiency: Standardize processes, integrate systems and automate workflows

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What's at Stake


is the amount a typical $5 billion bank could save per year


is the amount a $1 billion credit union could save per year

Cornerstone Advisors

For more than 20 years, Cornerstone Advisors has delivered gritty insights, bold strategies and data-driven solutions to build smarter banks, credit unions and fintechs. From technology system selection and implementation, to contract negotiations, vendor management, performance improvement programs, strategic planning, merger integration, and enterprise program management, Cornerstone combines its expertise with proprietary data to help financial institutions thrive in today’s challenging environment. 

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