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Cornerstone Advisors Launches 20th Anniversary Celebration


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 2, 2022 – Management and technology consulting firm Cornerstone Advisors today announced it is kicking off a year-long celebration to commemorate the firm’s 20th year in business.

“I speak for the entire company when I say that on this anniversary, we are feeling excited, proud, honored, and humbled,” said Scott Sommer, chief executive officer of Cornerstone Advisors and one of the firm’s founders. “Excited and proud because together, this team of amazing professionals has created a firm with an exceptional reputation for helping midsize banks and credit unions achieve their goals and successfully grow their businesses. And we’re honored and humbled by the trust 1,300 financial institutions have put in us over the years.”

Bankers Trust in Des Moines, Iowa, is one such institution. “The Bankers Trust team sincerely congratulates Cornerstone Advisors on achieving this 20-year milestone,” said Kip Albertson, SVP and CFO at Bankers Trust. “We have a long history of working together and appreciate the partnership that has helped evolve our strategic plan, research industry trends, and provide advice on many important topics to our business.”

A few key highlights in Cornerstone’s history:

  • 2002: Cornerstone Advisors founded by four partners to serve midsize banks and credit unions; four enthusiastic followers join the team
  • 2003: Published The Cornerstone Report, an exclusive compilation of peer-comparison performance benchmarking data
  • 2007: Contract Negotiations service line launched
  • 2014: Acquired Abound Resources, enhancing the firm’s Technology Services practice 
  • 2015: Gonzobanker, Cornerstone’s blog and “alter ego,” posted their 300th article
  • 2016: Noted industry analyst Ron Shevlin joined the firm, and published the first What’s Going On In Banking research report
  • 2021: Acquired Coastline Analytics, resulting in a new Data Sciences division
  • 2021: Acquired Next Step, expanding existing core banking systems, implementations, and contract negotiation offerings
  • 2021: Surpassed $1.5 million in charitable contributions

“From day one, giving back to the communities that serve us has been one of our goals,” said Terence Roche, Cornerstone founder, and partner. “The success that enables us to do that – and makes it a team-wide effort – is one of our proudest accomplishments.” As part of Cornerstone Advisors’ Charitable Giving Program, each team member is allowed to designate a charity to which Cornerstone will donate in his or her name.

“It’s been incredible watching this company grow from a handful of people using upturned boxes as desks to 140 people delivering value all over the country,” said Cate Pitts, editorial director at the firm and one of the original “enthusiastic followers.” “Cornerstone ‘gives back,’ and the team’s passion and commitment to service reflect that.”

As one of the firm’s earliest clients, Space Coast Credit Union in Melbourne, Fla., has looked to Cornerstone for direction on more than 50 engagements. “We have always found Cornerstone Advisors’ guidance and input to be on point,” said Timothy M. Antonition, SCCU president and CEO. “Whether it be a merger, core system conversion, contract negotiation, or strategic planning, we always find value in what Cornerstoneoffersr.”

Steve Williams, the Cornerstone founder, and the president said: “It has always been our vision to see Cornerstone become the nation’s most trusted financial services advisory firm. To achieve this reputation as part of a team that holds fast to a Gonzo culture – a culture firmly based on truth, integrity, and reliability – is a life dream realized for us.”

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Cornerstone Advisors, a management and technology consulting firm, shows banks, credit unions, and fintechs how to reach the next level of performance through smarter technology decisions, reengineered critical processes, and meaningful business strategies. For more information, visit crnrstone.com.