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Beth Dalton

Vice President of Operations

As the Vice President of Operations, Beth Dalton is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in operations and accounting across diverse industries, including banking, construction, government 
contracting, and management consulting. With a dedicated and focused mindset, Beth is passionate about developing operational infrastructures to support Cornerstone’s long-term goals and vision. Leading a team of operations professionals, Beth oversees various critical functions such as sales delivery, analytics, project management, 
and quality control. Her extensive background enables her to develop streamlined and scalable operational processes while ensuring alignment with strategic goals to enhance efficiency and support overall organizational success.

Beth developed her deep understanding of operations and accounting principles while studying Business at Angelina Community College, and brings a wealth of expertise, having held numerous operations and accounting positions throughout her career. Her responsibilities have ranged 
from multi-state and multi-divisional accounting functions to human resources and operations management. Leveraging her vast experience, she leads her team in crafting effective daily operational processes, implementing robust project and program management strategies, 
devising comprehensive data management strategies, and generating insightful reports. Her leadership is characterized by a commitment to excellence and a drive to continuously optimize operational performance to meet the dynamic needs of Cornerstone and its clients.

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