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Financial services media outlets frequently look to Cornerstone subject matter experts for insights and analytics on current industry issues.

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Is ChatGPT going to be making consumer loan decisions any time soon?

Mary Wisniewski, editor-at-large and director of content at Cornerstone Advisors, shares insights into what types of fintechs are getting the most VC attention and where to find fintech talent.

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Digital Wallet Plan from Banks Just About Butting Heads with PayPal

"The big banks are going to struggle to disrupt the digital payments leaders, says Ron Shevlin, chief research officer at Cornerstone Advisors.  “PayPal is clearly the 800-pound gorilla in this space,” he says."

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Where Banks Will Invest Their 2023 Technology Budgets: AI, APIs, CRM

A new study from Cornerstone Advisors, What’s Going On In Banking 2023, reveals where banks and credit unions will place their technology bets in this uncertain year.

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Fidelity files for vast trademark protection

In a May 2022 Forbes op-Ed, Ron Shevlin, chief research officer of Scottsdale, Ariz., consultancy Cornerstone Advisors, describes Fidelity's metaverse play as “a wasted effort” and “doomed to fail."

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Co-op THINK 23 Speaker Spotlight: Ron Shevlin of Cornerstone Advisors

Ron Shevlin is one of the banking industry’s most notable experts—and his in-demand insights and quirky sense of humor are gracing the stage at this year’s premier credit union growth strategy conference, Co-op THINK 23.

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What Should Fintechs Know About Bank Priorities?

Fintechs that can help banks digitize the entire customer journey will be appealing partners, says Sam Kilmer, who leads Cornerstone Advisors’ fintech advisory practice. The system deployments banks plan in 2023 all center around this area, he says.

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Are Amazon, Google, And Microsoft Too Powerful In Cloud Banking?

Dealing with banking regulations is football players playing with their hands tied behind their backs. Treasury’s implied actions would amount to turning the banks’ helmets around backwards.

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Amid fears of recession, credit unions predict strong lending in 2023

Vincent Hui, managing director at Cornerstone Advisors, said 2023’s loan activity will trail last year’s in part because many credit unions are close to being lent out on member business loans and/or are worried about concentration risk.

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Stash’s CEO takes the helm as fintech matures from hyper-growth

Stash’s 2-million strong subscriber base is a foundation for further monetization efforts, said Ron Shevlin, chief research officer at Cornerstone Advisors. The challenge is to ensure these customers continue to grow their assets and take up new products.

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