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Financial services media outlets frequently look to Cornerstone subject matter experts for insights and analytics on current industry issues.

Industry Press Announcements

The Chime banking app has been closing accounts, not returning money

According to Cornerstone Advisors, Chime's customer acquisition rate more than quadrupled in the past year—and many of those new customers opened accounts with deposits from federal stimulus payments.

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Chime Is Leading the Neobank Pack, But Complaints Are Flooding In

From 2013 to 2020, Chime grew its customer base to eight million. Then, in just over a year, it garnered another four million customers, according to Cornerstone Advisors.

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Commoditization, Optimization or Transformation: What’s In Your Core Wallet?

Three winning core strategies to accommodate any financial institution’s budget, business case, and future vision.

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How Amex + Kabbage Business Checking Will Disrupt the Status Quo

Kabbage Checking is a way to retain SMB relationships, says Ron Shevlin, Research Director at Cornerstone Advisors.

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A Banking App Has Been Suddenly Closing Accounts, Sometimes Not Returning Customers’ Money

Chime added 4 million customers over the past year, according to Cornerstone Advisors.

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Robinhood: The $30 Billion Cockroach Of Fintech

No amount of fines or lawsuits will stop Robinhood from going public and getting a $30 billion valuation with its IPO.

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How Community Banks Can Stay Relevant in the Face of a Digital Assault

The "all things" model is done, says Vincent Hui, Managing Director at Cornerstone Advisors.

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Top 10 Fintech News Stories for the Week Ending July 3, 2021

Ron Shevlin wonders if Walmart’s debit card turned full featured checking account will be a competitive threat to banks or fintechs.

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7 Trends Credit Unions Must Jump On or Lose Essential Opportunities

Ron Shevlin at Cornerstone Advisors notes in a blog that credit unions and megabanks were the losers in 2020 in share of primary bank customers.

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How cryptocurrency may be going mainstream

A Cornerstone Advisors survey showed that 60% of cryptocurrency owners would use their bank to invest in cryptocurrencies if they could.

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