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Financial services media outlets frequently look to Cornerstone subject matter experts for insights and analytics on current industry issues.

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9 Misunderstood Fintech Trends Impacting Retail Banking

See Cornerstone's new report: “The Definitive Guide to Potentially Misunderstood Fintech Trends and Terms (and What They Mean to the Banking Industry)”

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Bank-Fintech Partnerships Are Under-Performing: What’s Going Wrong?

A new study found that bank-fintech partnerships are falling short of financial institutions’ objectives. Here are some ways that bank-fintech partnerships can be fixed.

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The Day the BlackBerry Died: What this Means for Your Legacy Systems

“Having a committed strategy to eliminate legacy systems, associated technical debt and then ensuring a consistent investment to keep all technology current will reduce expense, increase performance and strengthen risk management,” said Brad Smith, partner at Cornerstone Advisors.

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Developing an innovative digital asset strategy

Recent research from Cornerstone indicates banks have a significant opportunity to provide bitcoin access to their customers. If they could, 60% of those currently owning a cryptocurrency would use their bank to invest in digital assets.

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AI Trends to Watch in 2022

Data from Cornerstone Advisors showed that 58% of consumers are still willing to do business with credit unions over bigger banks in order to gain a more personalized experience. Yet by the end of 2022, 15% of CUs still will not have launched a digital transformation strategy.

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JPMorgan Chase To Spend $12 Billion On Technology...And Why Other Banks Can’t Keep Up

In JPMorgan Chase’s recent earnings call, the $3.76 trillion (in assets) bank announced it plans to increase its annual tech budget to $12 billion, 26% more than it spent in 2020. Is that a lot of money? It depends on how you look at it.

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Neobanks say they're unfazed by old guard’s overdraft moves

“Fintechs have done a good job of positioning banks on the wrong side of the overdraft issue,” said Alex Johnson, director of fintech research at Cornerstone Advisors. “Even if the actual product and cost are not that radically different, the perception in the market is that banks are ripping consumers off with these fees and neobanks are trying to fix that.”

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Banks Are an Odd Place to Keep Your Crypto

A December 2020 survey by Cornerstone Advisors showed that 60% of cryptocurrency holders would definitely use their bank if it offered them the opportunity to invest in digital assets, and another 32% said they might. Only 4% said they wouldn’t move over from the exchange they use.

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How Buy Now, Pay Later - worth $100 billion - impacts small merchants

Cornerstone Director of Fintech Research Alex Johnson weighs in on BNPL.

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The Biggest Small Banks

The current interest in and adoption of banking as a service reminds Alex Johnson, director of fintech research at Cornerstone Advisors, of a different moment in American history: the 1800s gold rush in California.

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