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Financial services media outlets frequently look to Cornerstone subject matter experts for insights and analytics on current industry issues.

Industry Press Announcements

Cornerstone Advisors Completes Acquisition of Next Step

Cornerstone's new partnership will enable both firms to invest in new and enhanced advisory services for CUs, banks and fintechs.

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Inside one credit union’s migration to the cloud

Carrie Jenkins has been working to improve the way reports are generated at Centra Credit Union in Columbus, Indiana.

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Banks’ 2021 Reality: A ‘Revenue Recession’ In The Midst Of An Economic Recovery

Steve Williams, president of bank consultancy Cornerstone Advisors, writes: In under three years, the 10-year bond yield dropped nearly 200 basis points even as the economy opened back up in 2021.

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Trends Signal an Ominous Future for Credit Cards

In November 2020, Ron Shevlin, Managing Director of Fintech Research at Cornerstone Advisors, wrote: “Reports of credit cards’ death (or decline) are greatly exaggerated. Again.”

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Switching Back to Offense

“You want to merge when you’re in a position of strength,” says Vincent Hui, managing director at Cornerstone Advisors, "because you can get better terms for your staff and your members."

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The rise of digital currencies in the emerging world

A recent survey from Cornerstone Advisors shows that most senior bank and credit union execs aren't interested in offering cryptocurrency investing services.

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Bankers Are Caught in a Revenue Recession

Short-term moves to fill earnings shortfalls on the backs of customers will backfire spectacularly.

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Mobile Banking Adoption Has Skyrocketed—But So Have Fraud Concerns. What Can Banks Do?

Ron Shevlin's not convinced there’s been much digital “transformation,” but skyrocketing adoption can mean increased fraud.

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Genesys: Transforming to Customer-Centric Service in Financial Services

A Cornerstone Advisors study found that only a quarter of banks and credit unions had embarked on a digital transformation strategy prior to 2019, and 45 percent hadn’t launched a strategy prior to this year.

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6 Global Megatrends That Are Impacting Banking’s Future

According to Ron Shevlin, director of research at Cornerstone Advisors, over the next five years, no megatrend will have a bigger impact on FIs than AI technologies.

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