Vendor SLA Monitoring

Establish and monitor powerful SLAs to hold vendors accountable after the sale


If you sign a standard vendor contract, you have virtually no recourse for poor service other than expensive litigation . Hold vendors accountable to minimally acceptable levels of service by including SLAs into your big contracts.

We’ll help you determine the most important SLAs before signing new contracts and then help you monitor your vendors’ adherence to those SLAs to ensure service after the sale.

Key Features:

  • Interviews and user surveys to help determine the critical metrics to include in your SLAs
  • Annual SLA dashboard to track vendor adherence to SLAs
  • Negotiation services to help include SLAs into your key contracts and to recover vendor penalties for failure to meet service levels


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So, What Makes Us Different?


We’ll survey your employees, rate their satisfaction, identify their issues and develop recommendations for improving your vendors’ benefit.


We are in the vendor evaluation business, so we are evaluating all aspects of the major vendors every day. Not only do we review vendor financials and attend vendor earnings calls, but we meet with vendor executives  every Friday to get product, company  and security updates.  We track vendor wins and losses , monitor changes in marketshare , evaluate their products and know about problems before they’re public.


Our VendorVault™ includes hundreds of financial institution’s digital vendor satisfaction ratings across every major digital vendor. Our database also includes the most commonly under-utilized features, integration challenges and customer complaints of every major digital vendor.