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We Can Help You Navigate The Future of Fintech and Banking

We want to help you understand the future of fintech and banking in order to position yourself in the best way to take advantage of it. Assess your position in the market, build awareness for your business among stakeholders and offer powerful fintech solutions to fuel your market growth and leadership.

Fintech Consulting Backed By Years of Expertise & Proven Results

The rapid growth of financial technology has increased the playing field of possibilities, inspiring collaboration across the financial services ecosystem. Whether you are a fintech looking to gain visibility; a financial institution looking to become more customer-centric or transform its infrastructure; or an investor looking to find the next influential startup, our fintech consulting services can help you make an informed decision and jump start your growth.

Our Fintech Advisory Team Can Help Bring Your Vision Forward.

Cornerstone Advisors will assess your position in the market, build awareness of your business among stakeholders, and offer powerful solutions to fuel your market growth and leadership.

Fintech Consulting Offerings For Banks & Credit Unions:

Advisory Engagements

Commissioned Studies

Knowledge Vaults

MARKETpulse: Industry Briefing

Product Diligence and Assessments

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Fintech Solutions Managers

Sam Kilmer leads Cornerstone Advisors’ fintech advisory practice working with industry providers, fintechs and investors. He also leads selective strategy

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Ron Shevlin has been a management consultant for more than 25 years, working with leading financial services, consumer products, retail

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