Vendor Financial Statement Analysis & Recommendations

Why waste your underwriters’ or CFO’s time reviewing financial statements. Let us do it for you.


Simply gathering your vendor financials and stuffing them in a binder is not enough. If you request a due diligence document, you better review it or you invite examiner criticism for merely papering the vendor management file.

We’ve been evaluating vendor financials since 2002 and have developed an insightful scoring model to highlight potential problems. So we will gather your vendor financials, review them, score them, report on them and roll them into our popular vendor risk scorecard along with actionable recommendations.


Key Features:

  • Examiner-approved, proprietary scoring methodology that analyzes year over year trends and 20+ financial ratios that predict bankruptcy and ability to continue investments in its products and services
  • We go beyond merely looking at rear view mirror financials, but share real vendor dirt as a tool to predict future vendor success

So, What Makes Us Different?


Let us gather and review your vendors’ financial statements, so you can focus your time on making the best business decisions from our recommendations.


We are in the vendor evaluation business, so we are evaluating all aspects of the major vendors every day. Not only do we review vendor financials and attend vendor earnings calls, but we meet with vendor executives every Friday to get product, company and security updates. We track vendor wins and losses , monitor changes in market share , evaluate their products and know about problems before they’re public.


Many competing vendor management software and services are actually resold by your moderate to high risk vendors .

This means they will only share publicly available information. We on the other hand are Gonzo and share non-public vendor dirt every day, all day.


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