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Vendor Due Diligence Document Collection

We collect your documents so you don’t have to chase, beg and plead.


Our vendor management consultants remove the time consuming hassle of gathering your due diligence documents from your vendors.

Not only do we gather them, we provide an independent review of the major due diligence document types and make risk mitigation recommendations.


Key Features:

So, What Makes Us Different?


The most time consuming part of your vendor management program is chasing down and tracking all of your requested due diligence documents. Because we are constantly gathering due diligence documents for our vendor management customers and vendor evaluation customers , we can do this easier and cheaper than you.


You don’t need 15+ due diligence documents for every moderate to high risk vendor each year. This adds tons of unnecessary time and money with no real risk mitigation. And unless you’re writing up reviews on all 15+ documents received, you open yourself to policy exceptions. We focus on the documents the examiners want you to review, and we do the review write ups on all of them for you.


Many competing vendor management software and services are actually resold by your moderate to high risk vendors . While that might accelerate some due diligence documents, it also creates a conflict of interest. It means your vendor management company can’t tell you when they’re overcharging you and will only share negative vendor news when it’s gone public.


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