Vendor Utilization (VendorMap™)

Improve the return on your existing vendor spend through utilization improvements and cost reduction.


The majority of financial institutions are using less than 50% of the available functionality from their mission critical systems, yet they are still paying those vendors top dollar.

We roll up our sleeves and find 30-50 material utilization improvement opportunities to drive improvements in efficiency, customer experience and risk management. And through our Contract Opportunity Assessment, we can determine which of your vendors are charging above current market rates and what amount of leverage you have to renegotiate those vendor contracts.


Key Features:

  • Measures your vendor satisfaction and compares it peer
  • Key process benchmarks and KPI measurements with future state targets
  • We know what all major core, new account, teller, digital, document imaging, and LOS vendors are capable of – and we know those features that are most often overlooked
  • Identifies issues that need to be addressed in contract renewals
  • Roadmap is actionable tasks with dates and names assigned for execution accountability

So, What Makes Us Different?


Our deep vendor knowledge combined with best practices provides us insights into what your vendors are capable of. We can quickly identify functionality, reporting, usability and integration improvements and what policies need to change to take advantage of them.


Our ContractVault™ is the most comprehensive database of vendor pricing. We can identify whether you are paying below or above market pricing across hundreds of vendors.


Our VendorVault™ includes hundreds of vendor satisfaction ratings. Our database also includes the most commonly under-utilized features and frustrations of every major vendor.


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