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More than 60% of M&A executives in the U.S. expect M&A activity to return to pre-COVID levels within the next 12 months...Are you ready?


Gonzo Straight Talk:
Negotiating Accretive Value Savings During M&A

Are you preparing to negotiate vendor technology contracts during M&A?

In an M&A transaction, when it comes to integrating the systems of the combined institutions, technology capability and its associated cost reigns supreme.

Acquiring institutions with a proficient technology stack see the value in negotiating new contract pricing to reduce their NIE and offset future technology spend.

In Gonzo Straight Talk: Negotiating Accretive Value Savings During M&A, co-hosts Ryan Rackley and Niel Devasir address the belief that ‘not all contracts are created equal’ and highlight the differences in outcomes when employing two different strategies to negotiate contract terms during an M&A transaction.

Spend 20 minutes and listen to Cornerstone's take on the following:

  • The key drivers that produce accretive value savings
  • The NIE bogey – what it is and what it does
  • The value of data-driven decision making
  • Creating a 100-day plan to achieve accretive value savings