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Complimentary Research Report 


How to Raise Your Contract Negotiation IQ

Uncovering the High-Performing Financial
Opportunities in Your Vendor Contracts


Download this comprehensive guide on how to perform efficient, effective, and cost-saving negotiations so you can reinvest in what matters most to your bank or credit union.


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What You'll Learn in this Report

Contracts Whitepaper 2023 - Cover with Shadow


  • Negotiating blindly? How not to do that.
  • Understanding how lagging equates to leaving money on the table.
  • Build stronger vendor relationships.
  • Prioritize projects to generate the largest impact.
  • Identify strengths, strengthen weaknesses.
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What's at Stake


is the amount a typical $5 billion bank could save per year


is the amount a $1 billion credit union could save per year

Cornerstone Advisors

At Cornerstone Advisors, our goal is to deliver tangible business impact to financial institutions and fintechs. We know that when institutions improve their strategies, technology, and operations, enhanced financial performance naturally follows. Because we live by the philosophy that businesses can’t improve what they don’t measure, we show banks and credit unions how to use laser-focused measurement to make smarter technology decisions.

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