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What's Going On In Banking 2019: Is the Party Over?

Community-based FI's priorities, fintech plans and future-readiness

What's Going On 2019_CoverNow in its sixth year, Cornerstone Advisors’ annual What’s Going On In Banking study surveyed senior executives at community-based financial institutions to understand their outlooks, concerns, priorities and technology plans for the coming year. Based on responses of 305 surveyed bank and credit union executives, Cornerstone drew these and other conclusions:

  • The Trump bump is turning into the Trump slump. CEO optimism for 2019 slips for the second straight year amid concerns about higher interest rates and challenges in deposit gathering.
  • While growing deposits is at the top of FIs’ growth priorities for the coming year, deposit displacement—the diversion of funds from checking to alternative accounts—is making deposit retention difficult.
  • Expanding digital presence is a priority for a growing number of FIs. Unfortunately, it seems to be coming at the expense of better marketing and sales capabilities.
  • Although bank and CU execs gave themselves improved ratings for future-readiness in 2019, the uptake of emerging technologies is slow. Are bankers deceiving themselves?
  • When it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics process automation, Cornerstone suspects many execs simply don’t know what they have.
  • Half of banks and credit unions say fintech partnerships will be important in 2019, but where will these institutions get the skills to vet and negotiate with potential partners?

You’ll want to consult this insightful analysis in the development of your 2019 planning initiatives!

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